Alisha’s Fitness Journey

My journey isn’t nearly as dramatic as Todd’s, as a matter of fact, when he began his fitness journey I had my doubts. I had seen him start and stop things, as most of us do, but this time was different.  We made a decision to embark on his fitness journey together as a married couple. Even though I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose, I did want to feel better about myself and have more confidence in my appearance. I ended up losing 10 pounds in the first year of us working out together, which honestly was all I really had to lose, but what was nice was the changes outside of the weight-loss that I experienced. I became that woman who could do pull-ups and push-ups, I gained definition in my shoulders and arms, not the body builder kind, the sexy woman-kind!

What I love about what we do is when I see people change for the better and to be on that journey with them. I love what this journey has done for my family and our marriage. Let’s be honest, when you and your spouse (or significant other) feel good about each other, it’s pretty amazing.

Since 2008, when we decided to become Coaches, I was skeptical.  I was like “Great how much is that going to cost!” (side note, it’s $15 a month), not sure why I was stressed about that.  We were already using the products, Todd wanted to save money on what we were using and I knew he was addicted to the programs and was finally on a path that he would stick with, so I went along with it.

It’s been a life-changing decision.  We have been able to do things for our family and our marriage that we would not have been able to do otherwise.  I love dentistry, been a Dental Assistant and Oral Surgical Assistant since I was 18, but I love that I’m starting to phase that part of my life out and spend more time at home with Todd and Carly, as well as travel and own my time for once.

I also LOVE watching the people we coach, change their lives.  We are constantly running Challenge Groups and Test Groups and the relationships we have formed with these people has been priceless.

I can honestly say this is what I know we were meant to do.  Help people.

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