What is Beachbody Coaching?

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider
Being a Coach and Joining Our Team:

#1 – It’s not sales.

We hear it all the time, “I’m not a sales person” or “I don’t want to be pushy” and even “I don’t want to have to sign up my friends and family to make money” I can not stress this enough, if that’s your thinking on what Coaching is, it’s not for you. Simple as that. Coaching and partnering with us in business is about building genuine relationships with people who need your help. Figuring out why they want to change their lifestyle and what their goals really mean to them. Are they wanting to lose weight because they’re insecure? Do they want to get off their cholesterol or blood pressure medications? Are they wanting to end the pattern in their family of serious health concerns that seem to hit each of their generations? Do they want to be better parents? Have a better marriage or relationship or just feel good enough to start dating? Nowhere in that equation does sales come into it. We work with you on how to build those relationships and become a supporter, cheerleader and friend to these people and plug them into a system that will change their lives if they commit.


#2 – What if?

So what if you take the leap of faith and you agree with us on the reasons in #1 and you say “Ok, I want to change someone’s life and help them. You never know who’s destiny you hold in your hands. You really don’t. You could save someone’s life and never know it, just by simply changing the direction of the path they were heading down. I can tell you story after story of relationships that we’ve formed because of this business and the people we couldn’t have impacted, had it not been for coaching. That feeling is priceless.


#3 – Save money and work on yourself.

Maybe you’re not the person who’s ready to put it out there and be the accountability partner for someone. Maybe you just need to work on you! That’s TOTALLY fine. Why not save money while you do it? You can join us as a coach, we’ll help you work on your own fitness goals and you’ll save quite a bit of money at the same time, because of the coach discount that we get! That’s not a bad deal!

YES! I want to join the
NC Fit Club Coaching team!

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