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    Coach Spotlight: Eric Kamont

March 11, 2016

Eric Kamont

I grew up a fat kid.  I was active.  I played sports.  And I loved to eat.  A lot.  But I didn’t know – we didn’t know – what an image of “healthy” was.  16 years ago, my father made me promise to change my life – to be healthier and never put my family through what he put us through with being unfit, unhealthy, fat.  

I spent a year eating chicken/rice, exercising every morning, tackling a stair climber, lifting, and joining a gym for the first tine.  I dropped 105lbs during that time, 11” off my waist.


I grew to love my fitness, eating the right foods, the energy.  I even learned martial arts. Fast forward a decade and I have my own family, my own kids.  Working out at a gym no longer fit my schedule. 


So I tried working out at home, doing P90X.  I got great results and loved what home fitness could do – fast, flexible, portable.  Building on that success, I did more – X2, Insanity, on and on.  Tony Horton and Shaun T were recognizable friends at home and on the road.  I worked out with my kids as babies, showing them how to exercise and as they grew they did yoga, pushups, burpees.  My results were great.  People asked, and I told my story – shared “the secret.”  My heart swooned when I could help someone.

A few years ago, I decided to become a Beachbody coach, for the great discount on something that had so impacted my life.  And more recently, chose to help others as a coach – actively showing them the way – by means of the culmination of my years of struggle and triumph – NinjaFIIT.  That chapter of the book is still being written but has been amazing so far.

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