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    Coach Spotlight: Chad Stage

April 9, 2016

Chad Stage

If you haven’t met Chad and his dog yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!  Chad is not only a good friend of mine, but one hell of a coach, here’s his story:

A Youtube video from Todd is where my journey began about 7 years ago.  I made a decision after seeing his video that I needed to get my life back in order.  I was pushing 230 lbs and was in the worst shape of my life.  I then spent  the next 6 years pushing play in my home alone with only the support of my family.  I knew nothing about coaching really but man do I wish I had.


One year ago I decided to email Todd and just tell him how he had changed my life.  No more than 10 minutes later I get a response from him which blew me away.  I was not expecting to hear back.  From there he invited me to come workout with them, which I gladly took him up on and after a few trips to Charlotte he asked me to coach. I am so glad I accepted that offer because now not only do I have an amazing support system of coaches but I have grown as a person so much from this experience, it also helps to have some extra income flowing!


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