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    Coach Spotlight

Chad Stage

If you haven’t met Chad and his dog yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!  Chad is not only a good…

Eric Kamont

I grew up a fat kid.  I was active.  I played sports.  And I loved to eat.  A lot.  But I…

Adrian Flores

Adrian is the epitome of a family. What we truly love about him is his passion and love for people. After…

Sasha Lee

Meet Sasha Lee! Sasha is a corrections officer and also one of my new heroes. I’ve never seen a coach start…

Gina McKinney

What can I say about Gina? A lot! I’ve known her for years, and that picture of her sums it up!…

Allison Lilly

We met Allison, or I should say Alisha met her first, years ago teaching a hip-hop dance class at a local…

Courtney Tucker

Courtney is a mother of two and has worked with Alisha for years in dentistry. She would come to our Fit…

Ryan Bost

Ryan is another amazing story, prior to really connecting with him, he had already started his own personal weight-loss journey on…

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