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May 8, 2012

Meal Planner Made Easy! Nutrition Hurdle Conquered!

One of the biggest struggles we see people go through when they’re trying to lose weight or move past the last 10lbs, is their diet.  Nutrition for me, was and still is sometimes, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome.  So Alisha and I decided to show you one of the easiest tools you can use to simplify what can often be a very overwhelming and challenging part of your fitness journey.   Let’s face it, this is where MOST people go wrong and end up quitting!




Reach out to us today if you have any questions or need help!  Look forward to connecting with you.

February 4, 2012

Supplements for Your Fitness

So people ask us all the time, what supplements do we use and what we recommend.  So here’s your answer!  Feel free to reach out to us and we are more than willing to help!

October 8, 2011

In the words of Shaun T: “We got you…”

 So, it’s October, this is that time of the year where we’re coming off of summer vacation, school’s back in, holidays are right around the corner and we’re all busy!  You know what else, it’s also the time when most of us start to let our fitness go.  Then we end up packing on some extra weight, eating more during the holidays and next thing you know it’s January and we’re wondering why we look so fat in the holiday pics.

Hmmmm, could it be because we didn’t make ourselves a priority?  It’s easy to get busy, I get it.  I’m a dad and a husband, we both work full time jobs and run our own fitness company.  It’s tough, but the bottom line is you have to make yourself a priority.  You have to make the time to workout, make the time to educate yourself on proper nutrition.  Make the time to reach out to people like us for help!  Trust me, accountability is the best tool for success.  If you didn’t need it, you’d already done it by now…..wouldn’t ya?

So here’s one of the solutions we’ve come up with.  We’re doing some Fitness Challenges base around programs that we know and love like P90X, Insanity, Asylum and Turbofire.  We’re also working with people on using Shakeology during the challenges to maximize the results.  But the bottom line is that we’re using these challenges to surround like minded people with others who need the support and want to reach the same goals.  Alisha’s currently halfway through with a group doing Insanity and I recently started (last week) a FB group with about 10 people doing Insanity the Asylum.  I think Alisha (who had never done a full round of Insanity) is realizing how hard it is, but she’s pushing through along with her group and they’re bonding and pushing each other though it.  They know it sucks on some days and it’s hard, but they know they have other people depending on them to stick with it….with them.

So my point to all this is….don’t let this last quarter of the year be like the last year or last month.  Do something different about your fitness.  Get up, take the initiative and join an accountability group.  Take the plunge!  I know it’s scary….but your health is worth it.  And you might be surprised what it’s like when realize “Wow, I can do this!”.

We’re starting another challenge in a couple weeks (end of October).  Reach out to us today if you’d like to be a part of it and what program (if you know) you might be interested in.

In the words of Shaun T……”We got you…..”  Now let’s do it.

Here’s one of my videos I do for my accountability group, we do this daily!

July 21, 2011

Short on Time? Make Pita Pizzas, A Quick Healthy Meal

pita-pizza-21258460So I dug this out of the archives because I’ve fallen in love with these.  I have Alisha make a bunch of these for me and we freeze them for lunches or fast meals.  Much better than a frozen pizza from the store and much better for ya!  You control the ingredients!





July 21, 2011

Lesson: How to Constantly Improve Your Fitness

262648_2142187832418_1177886052_2652353_1406288_n So as you may or may not know, Alisha and I are very dedicated to helping you with your fitness goals.  To achieve a healthy and fulfilling life.  Part of that to us is being REAL.  To talk about our struggles and our accomplishments.  So this is about as real as it gets.  Over the last 90 days I saw tremendous success with the Asylum program and then the last 30 days, hit a wall.  Yeah I was bummed, but learned a lot!  So here you go….take a look as we continue this journey together!

Reach out to us anytime, we’re here to help!  [email protected].



June 29, 2011

Our 30 Day Push!

Group from Summit So we decided to do a 30 day push for fitness.  What is a 30 day push?  It’s where for 30 days we push each other to do what we normally wouldn’t do.  No excuses, no worries….just do your workouts everyday and try to get better.  By plugging in with us at www.getfitwithtodd.com you can get in the group and connect with us on Facebook.  Get to know us, show us your workouts…show up everyday and form the good habits you need to be successful with your fitness habits.

Sound good?  Need help?  Then let’s go!  Doesn’t matter when you get in….start today!

Below are our Day 1 vids…..enjoy.  Can’t wait to hear from you.



June 14, 2011

P90X / Insanity the Asylum Hybrid: Day 29

 Day 29 of the P90X / INSANITY THE ASYLUM HYBRID: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance along with Alisha’s live Turbo class.

Free fitness coaching at www.ncfitclub.com/coaching





June 12, 2011

P90X & Asylum Hybrid: Day 28 Gameday & Overtime!

P 90X Day 28: Todd MidgettDay 28 of the P90X / INSANITY THE ASYLUM HYBRID: Gameday and Overtime!!!!






June 12, 2011

NC Fit Club Mailbag: 6/12/11

mailbag This week’s Mailbag Video talking about dairy in your diet, what to do without a pull up bar and sticking with the schedule.






June 9, 2011

P90X / Insanity the Asylum Hybrid: Days 22-26!

 Day 23-26 of the P90X / Insanity the Asylum Hybrid!






Day 22 Strength workout with my wife Alisha!

Day 23 was Asylum and Turbo at Fit Club


Day 24 was Back to Core from the Asylum.  Day 25 was basketball (no video).


Day 26 was Strength from Asylum with my buddy Randy.  His first time doing it!


June 5, 2011

P90X & Insanity the Asylum Hybrid: Day 22 Strength

 Day 20 was Strength and my lovely wife Alisha jumped in with me and she rocked it!

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June 5, 2011

Mail Bag Video 6/5/11

mailbag This week’s mail bag video discusses diet in more detail and shoes.






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