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    So Far, So Sore! P90X3 Journey Week 1

    December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013

So Far, So Sore! P90X3 Journey Week 1

My Thoughts on P90X3 as We Close Out Week 1

So far so sore, and I do mean SORE!  I decided to do the doubles schedule, which is not as hardcore as I thought it would be, mainly because Phase 1 is more of a foundation phase and getting your body ready for the shock of the next two Phases.  When I look ahead, I see that the doubles schedule is going to be much more intense.  My impatience may get the best of me and force me to sneak some of the Phase 2 workouts in early.  We shall see.

Water and Week 1 Results So Far

water 4I’ve really tried to focus on my water intake this week, much like I was accustomed to when I did the Ultimate Reset.  It really taught me a lot about how little water we drink, I actually posted an article about it not to long ago here.  It’s really helping me keep my system flushed out.  It’s amazing how bloated you get when you a) don’t watch the junk and b) don’t drink enough water.

So far, I’m down 3lbs, from 190 to 187 and I can tell I’m starting to head back to the area I want to be in, which is 180-185.  That’s a hard weight for me to hold, because I like food too much, but it’s something I’m realizing I want back badly and that’s what it’s all about right?  You have to want it bad enough to make the change.  The satisfaction of the food is not worth the inner frustration that I have when I know I could be leaner.  So I’ve got my game face back on!  The challenge is going to be this weekend and the following days as we celebrate Christmas with the families and the mac and cheese starts to temp me with all her “cheesiness“.  Plus Alisha keeps buying peanut M&M’s and putting them out in the Christmas candy jars….really?!?

Butt Hurt

I wasn’t aware of that term until recently when someone said it to me, it means “to have your feelings hurt based off of an assumption that someone is mad at you”, or something like that.   Well, I’m changing it to a more literal term….my butt hurts.  While that definition isn’t much better and leads to many interpretations, my glutes are freakin’ killing me!

We have a Monday night Fit Club we run, so I decided to feature some of the P90X3 workouts this week.  I chose Agility X and I had the bright idea of doing Triometrics right after it.  That workout isn’t in the mix until Phase 2, but I can tell you this, Agility X will hit your glutes like crazy, then you couple it with Triometrics, which is nothing but legs…..mama.  For 2 days, it has hurt to walk, much less workout.

I got in the hot tub last night after our workout, stay with me here…keeping it PG, and our hot tub has this one REALLY strong jet that I like to use on my hamstrings, calves and yes glutes, after basketball etc….well last night I knew I had to hit the glutes, when it did, I thought I was going to cry.  It was like somebody shot me in the rear with a shotgun.  Major pain…breath taking pain!  But the good news, feel good today.  It’s a necessary evil that I encourage you to embrace.

rumble rollerYou don’t have to have a hot tub, you can do the same thing with a foam roller, rumble roller (pictured) or even a small ball (i.e. softball, baseball, or golf ball).  The smaller the ball, the more pain your going to feel because it really works the muscle and helps to release and relax the fibers, as well as to help get the blood flowing and start the rebuilding process.  After all, the pain is you getting better.  It’s not just a cool phrase on a t-shirt, it is literally your muscle rebuilding after you shredded it, it’s now getting stronger.

That’s it for now….I’ll try and check back in before next week.  Hit me up if you have any questions.  We have an amazing Challenge Group rockin’ right now with P90X3.  Would love to have you in there as well.

Peace Out

NC Fit Club