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    Our P90X3 Women Warriors! Week 3 Report

    January 8, 2014

January 8, 2014

Our P90X3 Women Warriors! Week 3 Report

Michelle and Jenny Check in For Week 3 of P90X3!

Jenny’s Report:

1535641_10201390144896372_1705906905_nI’ve made it to Week 3 of P90x3! Best part – Holidays are over!! No more endless temptation to cheat on my nutrition, and now everyone is on the Get Fit band wagon. I’m feeling better each week as I become more familiar with Tony’s moves and workout style. Coming from a background of cardio, I decided to work off the P90x3’s Lean schedule, as opposed to the Classic. It is a little more cardio based.

I now have my favorite move, Speed Skaters, featured in a couple of the workouts. It’s easy enough for me to perform, and gets my heart pumping every time. And then my not so favorite move, Donkey Kicks… Yes ladies and gentlemen, no typo here… Donkey Kicks. It is a killer, so I’ve decided to use this move as a fitness progression indicator for myself. The better I execute it (once I’m able to do it at all in proper form that is), I know the more physically advanced I will be. Setting small goals within the program helps me push harder each day.

Here’s my take on the workouts so far:

· Accelerator – Donkey Kicks. Need I say more? Just that I’m thankful for this program being at home with no audience! · The Warrior – Complete full body workout. I enjoy the intervals, and an added plus is that it somehow speeds up time. It’s over in an instant! · X3 Yoga – Not my best performance, but it is an area I’m looking forward to improving in. I’m sure a welcomed break for my body from the intense workouts too. · CVX – Love the cardio + weight combo throughout this workout. · Isometrix – Agony. Having to hold some of these positions for roughly a minute is tough. · Agility X – Love the athletic movements and sequences.

My progress in numbers: Overall I’ve lost almost 2 pounds! Here’s to continuing to Push Play!

Michelle’s Report:

energy-enduranceAs week 3 begins I’m still having some struggles with stamina. As a background, I’ve done Insanity, Asylum 1&2, T25, P90x and X2. During Asylum I started using E&E. I wasn’t sure how well it was working. This past week I ran out and said no big deal I don’t need it, I was wrong! I felt weaker and my stamina was done. I thought “how is this possible I’m in good shape right?”.  Is E&E really that important and isn’t it cheating? No! I know I’m a girl but I love football. During the weekend I watched a lot of football and you know what those hard working athletes do before a game? Pre-game formula. It works and I’m a convert. Hopefully this does not sound like a long ad, it’s just my experience!

I would also like to add that I’ve noticed a lot of people get more into yoga. Me too. I can’t tell you how important it is. Years ago I tore both rotator cuffs playing softball because I hated stretching. I wish I knew the damage I was doing. I’m  not very good at the yoga, I feel like one long metal rod, but I’m getting better. It’s not just for girls. Real men do yoga, watch Ted. Keep pushing play and good luck. As Shaun t says “deuces!”

The Challenge!

If you’d like to join these ladies in our next P90X3 Challenge Group, just contact us today or click HERE for all the info!

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