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    P90X3 Results

    March 21, 2014

March 21, 2014

P90X3 Results

P90X3 Got Me Back to Where I Was 6 Years Ago!

I haven’t been this lean since I did Insanity the Asylum, 6 years ago.  Difference was, this time I had to work much harder…due to the fact that I was 39 this time and not 33.  Plus I had the help of the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Containers that I worked in the last 30 days.  That was a game changer!


One of the things P90X3 taught me, was that my body responds well to pull-ups, push-ups and weights, but in the style that Tony Horton has you do them.  My whole journey started with Power 90 and P90X.  That’s when I got the craziest and most dramatic results.   That’s not to say the other programs didn’t work, because Asylum got me the leanest until now.   P90X3 seemed to match those results and actually add more muscle, but to be fair, X3 is 90 days and Asylum is only 30…so it’s kind of a wash.

My P90X3 Video Review

Here’s more detail and review of P90X3.



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  • Martin O’Neill


    I’m from Ireland and I have been doing P90X3 since Jan 13th. It’s been extrememly tough and I have seen transformation in a great way. There has been times I was finding it hard to get motivated but then I found your videos on YouTube and seeing your results and progression gave me that extra release of motivation I needed. That’s great work and great results. It’ll take me 2 rounds to get to your level but I am definitely loving this program. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and thanks for the YouTube videos.


  • rashard

    hey im doing P90X3 im 181lb 11% in decent shape age 19 and im looking for a coach to help me with P90X3 also I will love to become a beachbody coach my self

  • Brian

    Coach Todd,

    First off great results, come with hard work and comitment. My question for you is, I have the Les Mills pump, do you have a challenge group going?

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