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    P90X Vs. P90X3. What’s the Difference?

    November 10, 2013

November 10, 2013

P90X Vs. P90X3. What’s the Difference?

How Does P90X 3 Differ from P90X and P90X 2?


That’s the million dollar question we’re getting right now.  Several differences in X3 and P90X and P90X 2.

    1. Workouts are 30 minutes long, that’s it!  Half the time of the hour long P90X Workouts, but you can do tony and todddoubles, more on that later.  There’s also a cold start option where you can start right out and go or use the warm up disc that will help you warm up for several minutes and then jump in.
    2. P90X 3 has incorporated Pilates into it, brand new for the X brand.
    3. New MMX moves, so basically the Kenpo workout from P90X has evolved and man has it!  Check out our video of the Warrior workout HERE to see some of it.
    4. Basic Package has 16 Workouts, Deluxe Package will have 20 workouts!
    5. Old schedule meets new schedule.  Like the original P90X that had the Classic, Lean and Doubles Schedules, P90X 3 has an added Mass Schedule for more muscle building.  For those of you who still want the hour long workouts, the Doubles Schedule is the way to go!  That’s probably what we’ll be doing.
    6. Nutrition has gone back to basics.  Tony has taken the nutrition back to his original simplistic idea from his first program Power 90 and combined it with the knowledge from P90X and came up with a very simple easy to follow nutrition plan where you just focus on what you eat, not so much how much you eat and calorie counting.  Easy!s

To see all the details on pricing and package options, click HERE.


Who is P90X 3 For?

Simple answer: Everyone.  I know that seems like a homer answer, but it’s true.  It’s for the people who’ve completed P90X and P90X 2 and it’s also for the people who were scared to death of P90X OR didn’t have TIME for P90X….now you have an option.  There is a modifier for every move, so you’re never going to be left out or in a position where you can’t do a move.  If there’s not a modification, then we will help you find one….I promise you can succeed at this.  To get all the info on our Challenge Group click HERE.

 Test Group Results

39/40 people who were in the test group lost 10% body fat in 90 days at 30 minutes a day!!!  For example, one guy in the group went from 22% body fat to 12% in 90 days.  Amazing results.  Subscribe to the P90X Banner HERE to get on our mailing list and to get it from us and get the FREE Swag along with all the pricing information as soon as it’s released!

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