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    Live By Your Values to Reach Your Fitness Goals

    November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015

Live By Your Values to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Live by Your Values When It Comes to Your Fitness and Health

We had the honor of meeting and listening to Eric Thomas (E.T. the Hip-Hop Preacher) when he was in Charlotte the other week and he spoke about something, that his new book will go into great detail about, which was how your VALUES effect you reaching your goals.  Now this can be applied to many areas of your life; business, spiritual, marriage, but today I just want to hit on how it can effect just your fitness goals.


So what he talked about and had us do, was go home and write down 10 Values that we want to live by.  He calls it your 10 Commandments for Success!  If you’re ambitious and creative you could do a list of 10 Commandments for just your fitness life and 10 more for your marriage, etc.  But I’m going to guess that in most cases, you’ll have a list of 10 Commandments that covers all areas of your life.

So my suggestion and what I did and have always done (for the last 7 years) is have 2 of my values reflect my fitness goals.  For you 1 may be enough or you may have more than 2.  One of mine is “I will eat 85/15” which means I will live by the rule of 85% clean and 15% treat.  The other one is “I will workout at least 4-5 times a week”.  I normally exceed that, but it’s a value on my Commandments list anyway.

So What’s the Point of the List?

It’s simple!  Live by that list and you will reach your goals!  When you go to the refrigerator at 11 pm and want that chocolate ice cream or pudding or whatever, ask yourself “Is this in alignment with my list of values?”  If you’re 30 lbs overweight, for example, guess what?  Your values are out of whack!

You know that person who you see at the coffee shop or grocery store and you think, “Man I wish I could look like that!” and you feel that sense of comparison or jealousy comes over you….that’s on you.  What that should say to you is, the person who you wish you were more like, values their health!  They value how much they exercise, they value how much they eat and what they eat!  You can’t expect to reach your fitness goals and get healthy if you don’t make it a part of your VALUE SYSTEM if 1 or 2 of your “Commandments” don’t hold you accountable to where you want to be.

If I go to a bar with the guys before a Panthers football game and a lady comes up and talks to me or hits on me (and no this didn’t happen, it’s an example…but if it did), and my #1 value is to be a good husband to Alisha, then I have to remove myself immediately from the situation.  It doesn’t align with my values.  If you sit there and watch tv and don’t make time for your workouts or decide to start tomorrow instead of today….you’re in violation of your values!  Your values will keep you between the lines, your values will be there as the voice in your head when no one else is around that says “YOU KNOW BETTER”.

Look, this isn’t rocket science, it’s not hard to do…but it’s easy not to do and therein lies the  problem.  Most people don’t do it, they just go through life letting whatever happens, happen.  They leave it up to world to decide their fate and if it works, then great!  If it doesn’t work, then it must be somebody else’s problem.

My Challenge or Homework for You

Do a list of values and create your 10 Commandments, and if fitness goals are something you want to reach, then you better put the values into your commandments that will hold you accountable to getting there.  I promise you, if you’ll follow the map and stop trying to detour and re-create the rules as you go and just do what your values say to do, you will succeed.

I would LOVE to hear from you and if you want someone to help you and keep you accountable, send us an email and let’s connect.  Share with me your goals and the values you’re willing to put on the list and let’s get there together.  I love nothing more than to surround myself with other people who want to live the same kind of life as me, who want to make a change and make it stick.  It’s why I’m drawn to the people who we connect with because I feed off seeing them succeed.  One of my values is to help other people achieve success in their life.  So I have a feeling our values probably fall into alignment.  Reach out to me now, I’m serious.

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