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    Kristen’s Insanity Workout Before & After Results

    February 14, 2013

February 14, 2013

Kristen’s Insanity Workout Before & After Results

How being in a Challenge Group Helped Kristen Transform!

We met Kristen several months ago before the holidays and fell in love with her personality and her charisma, but we also knew that there was something she wanted out of her daily life that she was missing. Whatever that was, brought her to our local Fit Club in Charlotte and she can tell you the rest of the story.

(BTW, You’ll see her personality come blazing through in her BEFORE pictures)




Kristen’s story, written by Kristen Miller:

Thanks to my awesome coaches, Todd Midgett and Clinton Cowell, I was motivated to join their Insanity Challenge Group, I was in for the entire program and nervous!

These guys were great!!  They always checked in on me and held me accountable for the days when I had to workout on my own. I found the Facebook group that Todd started to be wonderful!! A small handful of people who kept up by adding videos, motivational articles and liking each other’s pictures and posts.  There’s a real value in having others (from all over the country!) doing this with me and watching them have the same struggles.

Before Insanity Pictures

Before I joined the group I had become awfully sluggish. I was in the middle of a location move, career change and just not happy with how I felt in my own clothes. I decided that enough was enough (…enough pizza and beer) and I had to start changing how I thought of exercise and my eating/drinking habits.

Being new to the area, I decided to join Fit Club as a way for me to meet some new friends. I’ll tell ya, the first two weeks were rough!! It took me at least a week before I didn’t want to quit after the “warm-up” and another week before I could complete a workout without “pausing” or taking extra breaks.











After Insanity Pictures

After completing Insanity I feel wonderful!! It’s a big accomplishment for me to simply stick with it and follow through; regardless of how much weight I lost. However, the weight loss has been quite a benefit and I feel has earned me bragging rights!

When I started I weighed 156 lbs. and am now down to 142 lbs. — that’s 14 pounds in a steady, consistent, healthy manner — and it’s only the beginning as I’ve now graduated to Insanity’s Asylum Workout!






















What I Learned About Using Shakeology

In addition to the workout, I chose to do the Insanity Challenge Pack which came with Shakeology (Chocolate of course) and I never thought meal replacement shakes were for me, but Shakeology changed my mind!

It definitely helped me with energy and appetite as well as choosing healthier foods and eating less. I am also a huge fan of Weight Watchers and was able to stay with it while taking Shakeology (only 3 point plus!). I have been on Weight Watchers for a few years now. However, with the Insanity program, Shakeology and Weight Watchers I feel it has all come together like a perfect storm and really helped me to slim down.

It was a nice little balance to make for a nice little FIT me!

What Now?

I feel like I can finally breathe again and am conscious of making healthy choices on a day to day basis. Thanks to Todd and Clint for keeping me motivated, accountable, and welcoming me to a new group of healthy friends!!

I love being a part of a Challenge Groups, so much so, that I’ve now graduated into an Insanity the Asylum Group led by the guys!  Wish me luck!

If you want to join a group like Kristen did, CONTACT us today!

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