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    Jawbone UP Fitness Band Review

    January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Jawbone UP Fitness Band Review

The Jawbone UP Fitness Band Review: How a rubber wristband got me to move more, sleep better, and eat smarter.

So with all of our experience with our workouts, be it P90X, Insanity or Asylum – whatever we’re doing at the time – it’s good to know what the rest of our day looks like from a fitness perspective.  Last February, we bought a Bodybugg and it was cool!  Don’t get me wrong.  It measured your steps you took each day, you could log in your nutrition and exercise and it would sync up with the app on my iPhone.

But, here was the problem.

It was kind of bulky on your arm. You didn’t want to wear it in the shower and it just kind of gets on your nerves after a while. It’s a very cool gadget, but not quite fine tuned enough.  What happened to our Bodybugg?  It ended up buried in a drawer and about a month ago, I almost couldn’t find it.  Finally, I found it, but I could not get it to sync up because I couldn’t remember the password to the account and blah blah blah it’s now sitting back in the drawer until I can find time (yeah right) to figure it out.

So a month goes by and I’m visiting with my mom and step-dad (another gadget guy like me), and he has the Jawbone UP on his wrist.  Understand, if he has a gadget and it’s cool…. then you can bet I’ll get it and vice-versa.  He starts explaining how the jawbone UP worked, and BOOM, I was hooked.  So hooked that on the way home I swung by Best Buy and got two, one for me and one for Alisha.

If you are looking to get a fitness band, you may enjoy reading our experience and review on the Jawbone UP fitness band.


Here’s How The Jawbone UP Works

Apparently there was an early model that had to be recalled and the model that’s out now is rockin’ and rollin’.  Unlike the Bodybugg, the Jawbone UP only syncs with your phone (Android or iPhone).  It’s stupid simple, you open the app and plug it in to the headphone jack – and done.

Some people don’t like that it won’t translate to the computer, I say who cares.   My phone is always with me, I plug it in to the headphone jack and it tells me all I need to know.  The Bodybugg has to be charged some what frequently, the UP once every 10 days (1 hour to charge it 100%).  The UP measures your steps, your caloric burn, your mood (lol yes!), your food, your sleep and so much more!  It’s also waterproof from sweat and your shower.  You can wear it 24 hours a day and it can get drenched in water. But, I wouldn’t go swimming with it. Just in case.


Sleep Tracking & Alarm Features

jawbone up sleep tracking and alarmThe built-in sleep feature part really caught my attention.  You tell it when you go to bed with just a push of the button and it measures how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you were in a deep sleep, light sleep and how many times you woke up!  It’s crazy right?  I know!  You can have it time you during your workouts with a built in stop watch that you will later see the data on when you sync it as well as alarms.

What do I mean by alarms?  If you work a 9-5 job and feel like that sedentary work life is causing you weight gain, you can set the band to detect how long you stay put and vibrate to remind you to get your butt up and walk around a little bit.  That goes for you too couch potatoes!

You can also set wake up alarms and power nap alarms that will wake you in the morning and tell you when it’s time to get up from that power nap that you take during lunch at work because the kids had you up all night and you can think straight, see straight or function to save your life!  I can tell you, my wife will be using that feature, I guarantee it.


Meal Tracking

The food tracker is really slick (see picture below), you can enter in your food manually or scan the bar code of the food preparing and it knows the nutrition information… I know right!?!


The Jawbone UP can even be a group thang!  If you’re spouse or friends have one, you can share information in a community of other UP’ers (I made that up…no pun intended) and challenge each other or hold each other accountable like we do in our Facebook Fit Groups  *COUGH* That’s me saying I’d like to be your UP friend… I’m lonely and have no fellow UP’ers *COUGH* (trademark coming soon).


The Bottom line

It’s does what the website says it does. It gives you insight to your life and for someone like me – who wants all the help fighting off old age that he can get – it keeps me moving forward toward my fitness goals.

It’s a really cool fitness gadget, cool enough for me to write a blog about it and share with you guys, because let’s face it, we need every advantage we can get in this crazy daily schedule that you and I both live.  So if I find something that I think will make your life easier, I’m gonna share it with you.  I should hit them up for some kickbacks, but oh well, like I got time to figure that out!

Lastly for our Jawbone UP review, all the analytical people out there, that MUST know how it works, here’s the FAQ about the UP from Jawbone itself.

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