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    Insanity Vs. T25, What’s the Difference Between Them?

    September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013

Insanity Vs. T25, What’s the Difference Between Them?


Which is Better, Insanity Vs T25?

Now that the word is spreading about Focus T25, people are wondering how it compares and what’s the difference between Insanity and T25.  One thing I can promise you is that they both have the Shaun T intensity that you came to love about Insanity.  They both get amazing results. The one big difference…TIME.

Insanity Results in T25 Time

When it comes to Insanity vs T25, the biggest element to the success we’ve seen in the popularity of T25 is the time factor.  It’s 25 minutes from start to finish.  No matter what phase you’re in, they’re all 25 minutes.  Unlike Insanity where your first 30 days are 39 to 45 minutes, then your second month, it jumps up to an hour…with T25, you’re guaranteed 25 minutes every day.

Now with that 25 minutes, there are no water breaks, no warm up rounds, you just go!  Some people might read that and think “Oh, heck no! I’m out!”, but stay with me on this.

A few things to keep in mind are:

  • 25 minutes go by really fast
  • Tonya (from Insanity) is on every workout as the modifier, more on that below
  • The moves build, so you ease into the intensity

You don’t just start off full throttle on T25. That would be stupid and if there’s one thing Shaun isn’t…it’s stupid.  He may have just designed one of the smartest workout programs in Focus T25 that we’ve ever seen.

Modifications Are a Big Factor in Deciding to Do Insanity or T25

Next to time, this is by far what I’m excited about the most when it comes to the difference between Insanity and T25. Ever since we’ve been doing local Fit Club workouts with Insanity, the biggest challenge was helping people modify.  The lack of modifications is what scared people about Insanity, especially if they had an injury from the past. The #1 scare we heard was, “I’m not in shape enough to do Insanity”.  While that’s completely false, it’s hard to make people realize it. The truth is, everyone can do Insanity.  The problem was, unless you had a coach who you were plugged in with for support and before the Insanity Certification was available, you had no idea how to modify.  When we got certified to teach the live Insanity classes, it was an eye-opening experience for us to learn modifications we never even thought of.  Now that T25 is out, I’m seeing the same modifications we were taught being used in T25.

It’s been a really positive experience to see people at our live workouts trying T25 for the first time and see Tonya modify and know, “Hey, I can do this!”.  Alisha has knee issues and uses the modifications quite often. She will tell you that she gets every bit as good of a workout as I do without the modifications.  This element has leveled the playing field. Now a husband and wife or a newbie and a veteran workout person can workout together to the same DVD and both get the same results….a drenched shirt and an amazing feeling.

Better Calorie Burn, Insanity or T25?

We get this a lot when people are asking us about the difference between Insanity and T25. As a matter of fact, I did a post about the calorie burn with T25 here.  One thing I’ll tell you is that you can get an amazing calorie burn with T25.  In some cases, we’ve seen calorie burns as high as 600-700 calories, especially on the cardio workouts.  When it comes to the ab workouts or the resistance training, the calorie burn will drop, but that’s normal due to the fact that your heart rate isn’t as high.  But on those days you have to remember that you’re building muscle, and muscle burns fat.  So don’t get too hung up on the calorie burn on those days.

The biggest thing with T25 and calorie burn is calorie intake!  Because this isn’t Insanity or the Asylum, you can’t eat 1,800 to 2,000 calories and expect to lose weight.  The beauty of this workout is that it is short on time, not short on intensity, but it’s not going to require the same calorie intake as a 60-minute Insanity workout.  So the recommended calorie intake for T25 is around 1,200 to 1,300, which is far from starving yourself.  That’s actually a very healthy and maintainable calorie intake for anyone.  You combine that intake with the burn you get during the workout, the after burn you get after the workout, and you will see crazy things start to happen.

Proof It Works

One of the ladies in our Challenge Group posted this on week 7 of the program:

I didn’t post my stats from last week. Since the start of T25, I am down a total of 14 lbs (wohooo) -4 in chest, -3 in waist, 1.5 in hips, -1 in thighs, .5 in arms. And my favorite jeans are telling the truth, gotta find some more.


This is a lady that had tried Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, and I think another program….but now has found what works.  Her biggest struggle was sticking with it. The proof is in the post. The biggest difference for her this time was two things: 1) She’s in a challenge group with 24/7 support. 2) It’s 25 minutes a day and allows her to modify while still pushing her as hard as she can go.  I’ll add in one more….it’s fun.  Especially when your jeans are “telling you the truth”.

If you would like more information on our T25 Challenge Groups, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  Just contact us here or at the top of the page.



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