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    Does P90X Work? Yes, It Changed My Life!

    February 26, 2013

February 26, 2013

Does P90X Work? Yes, It Changed My Life!

How P90X Started Me on My Fitness Journey!

How My Journey Started

I was 255 lbs and sitting at a size 38 waist, and the 38 was getting tight!  It’s funny looking back on those days, because I never really considered myself fat, I just considered myself to be big or a little overweight, but never would have called myself fat.

I can’t even tell you when I started putting on the weight.  When I met Alisha, I was around 175lbs, give or take some, and had what she called “the college beer belly” but nothing major.  Then by the time we got married, the weight had already began to accumulate and then after we were married, it’s like it just happened….and happened quickly!

The only thing I can remember and pinpoint, is the point where I was afraid to take my shirt off at the pool or beach.  The feelings of insecurity began, the self confidence began to dip, my relationship with Alisha was not what it used to be, for the main reason that I didn’t feel good about myself.  Pretty simple to figure out now, but back then I wasn’t putting the pieces together yet.

It was funny, how I would find things to fill the void, whether it was food or buying things, you always try to feel the void with something else.  I can tell you where that will get you, fatter and more in debt.  It’s not a good recipe for happiness and I have a feeling it’s something more people experience than they want to admit.

The Day That Woke Me UP

So it was in January of 2008 and we had one of those “dusting” snow storms, where there was enough snow to cover the satellite dish and keep it from getting a signal.  Alisha woke me up at 7am and said she couldn’t get the tv to work and was wondering if Carly was out of school.  So I, being the genius that I am, go outside in my lawn-mowing shoes (no tread on the bottom) and decide to put the ladder up against the house and try to get to the dish to knock off the little bit of snow that had accumulated.  Now looking back, I should have just taken a broom and stayed on the ladder to brush it off, but that would have been smart, and wouldn’t have led to a life changing day.

I brushed the snow off the roof (unknowingly just exposing a sheet of ice) and put one foot on the roof, and then began to take the other foot off the ladder, you can guess what happened next.  I immediately, as if in a cartoon, had my feet slide out from under me and fell 10 feet, landing flat on my back on top of a landscape border (one of those log type things).  I literally saw my life flash before me.  It hurt like hell.  I crawled, and I mean on stomach like a baby who can’t walk, crawled to the house.  I was in so much pain, I couldn’t breath and literally tought I was bleeding from the inside and had broken ribs.

Alisha got me to the hospital, they ran all kinds of test and found out that I only had some serious abdominal bruising.  The doctor told me that I was very lucky and that normally people who have that type of fall are either dead or paralyzed.  I can back that up, I have an uncle who’s been paralyzed for years from the waist down from a similar fall.  Alisha then asked a question, out of pure curiosity I think, but none the less an attention grabber, she asked the doctor if the fact that I was so large if it helped, and the doctor said….yes.

Now there’s two ways to look at that, one that being fat saved my life or two, that it’s really sad to know I was that fat.  I chose to take the first approach.  This served as my “a-ha” moment.  They sent me home doped up on some good pain meds and told me to stay in bed until I could heal.  The next morning I get a call from the doctor who stated that when examining my c-scan that he noticed early signs of arthritis in my lower back.  Now I knew my mom’s family had that in it’s history, but I was 33!  That is too young to be hearing this and feeling like this.  All the pieces began to really come together quickly.  I then realized that I was a 33 yr. old man in a 60 yr old man’s body.

Then I Saw The P90X Workout

So as I’m laying in bed, I see the infomercial for P90X.  Something about it caught my attention.  I have never bought anything off of the tv, especially not a fitness dvd, but there was something about it that got to me.  The testimonials seemed real, they were different from what I had seen in the past.  I now know why, because they are real, the ones you see in the infomercial now are all people I personally know, so I can tell you it’s very real.  But I felt like I wanted to look into it.

I’ll never forget, Alisha got home from work, and I told her that I wanted to get P90X.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  She was like “yeah right, you’ll never stick with it.”.  She was justified for saying that, in the years prior, she had seen me go through phases of running on our treadmill and lifting weights on my old bench from high school, only to stop after a week or two.  So I could understand her hesitation.

So I began to research it and found the program Power 90, the program Tony first came out with before P90X.  I was intimidated by P90X and felt like Power 90 might be a better choice.  People ask me if I could do it over again, would I go straight into P90X, and I can say yes, but at the time I needed Power 90.  So we got it, we did it together and I lost about 30lbs in 3 months.

My Coach

So when I bought Power 90, I was assigned a coach from Beachbody because at the time I didn’t know anybody who was a coach, and was lucky to get my dear friend Monica Ward.  Monica is the reason I became a coach after I lost all the weight.  Why?  Because she showed me the value of a coach and how the support of a coach can get you to the finish line.  She never let me quit.  She plugged me into the message boards, because this was before Facebook, and would call me at least once a week to check in and say hey.  She began to build a relationship with Alisha and I that turned into one of our closest friends (in her and her husband Dave) that we have today.

She taught me that P90X does work, taught me how to make it work for me and how to help others get the same results.

P90X Begins

So we graduated to P90X.  Wow, it was a whole new ballgame.  Neither one of us could do a pull-up to save our lives!  It took me a good 2 rounds of P90X before I could even do 5-6 pull-ups with out a chair or some type of assistance.  I tell people all the time that it’s a journey and you have to be patient.  I remember the first time I did Plyometrics, I thought I was going to die!

We stuck with it, again with the help of our Coach Monica, and the transformation was crazy!  I remember telling Monica I wanted to look like Cameron Mathison, because at the time Alisha loved him on All My Children.  Monica was like, “ok, we’ll see”.  She understood something I had yet to grasp, that it’s not about looking good for superficial reasons, it’s about being healthy for the right reasons, the superficial stuff will happen by default.

P90X changed my life, no exaggeration, it did.  The Kenpo workout is what made me want to do Karate, Plyometrics does p90x work?made me want to start playing basketball again, and the rest of the program started to build the rest of me that I see in the mirror today.  It’s a cool feeling when your wife gives you a hug and says, “I love your arms” or “your chest looks good in that shirt”.  I’m telling you, that stuff right there is priceless.  Of course I return the favor, I tell her all the time how hot she is and how good she looks in a 2 piece.  Looking back on our marriage, I can’t remember us EVER telling each other stuff like that … ever.

It’s Now a Lifestyle

To date, I went from 255lbs. to 179lbs. at my lowest.  I’ve done several rounds of P90X, graduated to P90X+ which you now get for free with P90x, and then moved on to Insanity, The Asylum and more.  It’s truly become a lifestyle for us and our daughter.  Every year that goes by, Beachbody comes up with another new program or we learn about other things that we can incorporate, like our Paleo lifestyle, but it’s really about staying with it.  I can’t believe it’s been 5 years this year.  We are truly addicted to fitness, but it’s not really the fitness as it is the way we feel that’s addictive.  And I’m ok with the word addicted, because in this case it’s a good term to describe what everyone should be addicted to.  I used to be addicted to burgers and fries, now I’m addicted to feeling amazing and setting a good example for my daughter.

You Can Do It Too!

It’s hard to throw a rock in a crowd and not hit a person who has P90X or Insanity.  Most of the people we meet, have it but never finished it.  My advice to you is this, make yourself a priority and commit to doing it.  Reach out to us and let us coach you through it.  If you don’t have it, you can get it from us, let us do for you what Monica did for us.  Let us show you how with the right support and tools, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  It’s not about what you suck at or how hard it is.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!  Things worth having, are worth working for.  Do you want your wife or husband to say to you, the things Alisha and I say to each other?  I have a feeling you do.

Let us put you in one of our Challenge Groups with either a P90X Challenge Pack or an Insanity Challenge Pack.  By joining our Challenge Group, we actually may PAY you for your results, assuming you commit!  We pay people for their transformations so that we can inspire others with real stories!  You’ll get Shakeology for almost nothing with the Challenge Pack and what I tell people is, give it 2 weeks, if you don’t like the Shakeology, then we’ll get your money back and move on without it – no risk to you.  Regardless, it has a 30 day money back guarantee, again, no risk.  We’ve yet to have anyone who did it, not like it and get results with it.  I’ve been on it for 4 years!  The programs themselves have a 90 day money back guarantee.  When you pair them with Shakeology, the results are amazing.

It doesn’t matter where you live, Monica was in Phoenix and we were in Charlotte!  Our challenge groups work no matter where you are!  The stories speak for themselves.  We want you to be one of those stories.  Question is, are you tired of being sick and tired?  Are you ready to make the change?  Are you ready to commit to a 60 or 90 day challenge that could change your life?!?

So if you are still asking “Does P90X Work” or wondering “How to make P90X work for you“, just CONTACT us today or click!  Can’t wait to work with you personally.

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