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    Why Should Couples Workout Together?

    September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013

Why Should Couples Workout Together?

There’s Proof That Working Out Together Helps a Marriage

This actually applies to all couples, not just married ones.  There’s nothing worse than one person in a relationship starting on a journey to feeling better about themselves and getting healthier, and they end up leaving the other person behind.

The Journey Gets Ugly Fast

69377_444520702890_4227284_nI speak from experience here on this.  As you can clearly see, shortly after Alisha and I were married, I let things go!  What’s funny about it is, when we were dating, I wasn’t all that much overweight.  She would describe me as the typical college beer belly; but for the most part, I was average.  I had no muscle definition whatsoever, but I was okay.  I was what most of us think of as normal.

But as you can tell in the picture, that changed quickly.  It was like I didn’t even realize I was getting fat.  Most people don’t.  You just get comfortable, and you fall into a lifestyle. Deep down, the insecurities start to build, but you ignore it and just continue on with the bad diet and eating late and so on.  Alisha, on the other hand, has always been slim.  She’s never really had a weight problem.  She’s obviously beautiful, so as I began to gain weight, I started to wonder what was she doing with me?  Short answer, that’s a superficial question.  She loves me for who I am, but most of us will admit there’s a superficial level to where you want to be and stay attractive to your spouse or partner.

What finally got my attention, was when it started causing health problems.  High cholesterol, high blood pressure, pains, shortness of breath…I’d literally sweat walking to the mailbox to get the mail.

Benefits to Couples Working Out, the Journey Begins

28827_401127992890_4797983_nSo there I am watching the P90X informercial, after having just had a really nasty fall, and I get a call from the doctor that I have early arthritis in my lower back (based off x-rays they took) and I’m thinking, “Man, I’m only 33 – I’m too young to feel this way”.  So I tell Alisha that I’m going to start P90x, to which she replies, “Yeah right, you’ll never stick with it”. And that’s fair, because I had started and stopped many times on the occasional wild hair of getting in shape.  I’d start running on our treadmill and using my old weight bench from time to time…but never more than for a week, two tops.

But this time was different.  She was doing it with me.  We both decided to commit to getting in better shape.  Boom, immediate success partner / accountability partner.  And believe me, there were times I didn’t want to and she’d make me do it and vice versa.  That’s the one thing that helps people succeed the most in their fitness journey: accountability.  Most of us are living with an accountability partner or in a relationship with one, so why not take advantage!

Now I get that some of you have spouses or partners that just aren’t into working out or eating healthy.  I get that it’s a struggle.  I preface this by saying I’m not a marriage counselor, nor do I play one on TV; but speaking from experience, there are some issues there that need to be explored.  For us, we realized that we needed it in order to be better parents, to be around long enough to be grandparents, and of course, to keep the fire lit.  Let’s not kid ourselves.

Advantages to Couples Working Out Together


Here’s some benefits of couples working out:

  • Guilt Free Workouts.  You no longer have to feel guilty for taking time away from the other person.  You’re spending time with them.  This goes for kids, too.  We see couples all the time who workout with their kids in the room.  The kids join in sometimes, other times they cause a distraction.  If you can’t avoid the kids being with you, roll with it.  After all, aren’t they one of your reasons for getting healthy?  So why let the reason be the excuse for not doing it?
  • Couples who do a program together increase their chances of completing the program by 90% as opposed to doing it alone.
  • One of the advantages of couples working out is that you’re working on a common goal.  Making each other better.  Let’s be candid, if you both feel better about yourselves, is it not going to affect other areas of your marriage as well?  When the self-esteem goes up…the clothes tend to come off more.
  • You build more common interest.  You find a new lifestyle with more energy and more vigor.
  • Last but not least, if you join a challenge group as a couple, you’re getting in with 2 for the price of 1!

1000240_10151799228127891_1506458799_nWe meet couples all the time with our business that go on a fitness journey together, and I can’t think of one that we have worked with that didn’t finish the program and get amazing results.  It’s an amazing feeling to find that passion, to know you’re doing it for each other and possibly your kids (if you have them).  I challenge you today to find the reasons or motivation that you or your partner / spouse need and give it a try.  Join one of our challenge groups, do it with other couples and other people.  That increases the accountability ten fold.  Imagine if you had us, your spouse, and a group of others going through the same thing together.  I know it works – we do it every day.  Why not you?

If you want to reach out to us and talk more about this or want more information on one of our Challenge Groups, just contact us HERE or click the contact button at the top of the page.  We look forward to connecting with you!

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