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February 18, 2016

Why Should I Buy a Challenge Pack?

So some of you may be wondering what is a Challenge Pack and some of may wonder what’s the advantage of a Challenge Pack vs. just buying the program?

Ok, first things first: a Challenge Pack is: Combining a fitness program (i.e. 21 Day Fix) and either Shakeology or Performance Line (Energize and Recovery).


What are the benefits of a Challenge Pack?

Drastic Savings

In a lot of cases, for example, when 21 Day Fix is on sale for $140, you save $70 with this pack compared to buying each item separately.  That means when you buy 21 Day Fix and Shakeology in this Challenge Pack, it’s like getting 21 Day Fix for just $10!

Club Membership with Beachbody on Demand for FREE for 30 days

You can cancel before it auto-renews or keep it and enjoy a 10% savings on anything you buy in addition to Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody on Demand for 30 days for free

Stream on your phone, tablet, computer, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV over 70 workout programs (P90X, X2, X3, Insanity and many more). Also, stream new programs that you purchase like CIZE, T25, INSANITY MAX:30 and more. You will also have exclusive workouts from all the trainers that are only a part of Beachbody on Demand. For more on Beachbody on Demand check out our blog post where we reviewed a number of devices with BOD.



All Challenge Packs have the Shakeology option, some newer programs have the Performance Line Challenge Pack available. We also offer a Club Challenge Pack (with Shakeology or Performance Line) where you can get On Demand as your fitness program of choice and choose from over 70 programs that will help us get you to your fitness goals.

For example, right now we are running an Insanity Asylum group and several of our challengers are using Beachbody On Demand since it has Asylum Vol. 1 and Asylum Vol. 2.

Challenge Packs essentially save you money, give you a lot of value for free for 30 days. If you have any questions or would like to join one of our Accountability / Challenge Groups, contact us today!

November 23, 2015

2015 Black Friday Sale

Time for some Black Friday BARGAINS!  These are available from November 23rd to December 1st while supply last. Here are a few of our favorites – just click their name for more information about each one and to purchase.




November 19, 2015

Hammer and Chisel Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win a FREE copy of Hammer and Chisel on December 1st!

Click HERE to Enter!!!!

November 5, 2012

FREE Fitness Coaching!

What do we mean when we say “Free” Coaching? We mean that we’re here to help you succeed with what ever Beachbody program you decide is best for you. P90X, Insanity or maybe even something less impact like Brazil Buttlift, whatever your program…we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and reach the finish line to the body you want.

So many people who we meet and talk to have tried gyms in the past or used to run, or maybe you’re one of the ones who bought Wii Fit and did it for a month and then let it collect dust. 9 times out of 10 when we talk with someone for the first time they’ve hit one of two roadblocks on their journey: 1) lack of motivation (which is usually because of a lack of accountability and support) and 2) lack of discipline with their nutrition or lack of knowledge of what to eat or not to eat.

While both of those seem like very large obstacles in your way, they’re really very small challenges if given the right support. That’s the whole reason why Beachbody started the coaching program, so that people like us (who’ve been where you are) could show you the way and keep you on track…and yes….it’s free to you. All you do is buy the program or challenge pack and we coach you til death do us part. Ok maybe not til death….but you could be the first!

What if I told you that when I was almost 100 lbs. overweight, that the coach that got me through it was almost halfway across the country in Phoenix Arizona while my southern charmed self was in Charlotte NC? You’d think, how could a lady in Phoenix help me in Charlotte? It’s simple, because she cared. She cared enough to plug me into a support system that works. She surrounded me with people via Facebook and Message Boards (yes back before FB was popular) and she took the time to talk to me each week and keep me on track and accountable to my goals. Funny story, my wife used to be in love with Cameron Mathison from ABC’s All My Children and I used to tell Monica (my coach) that I wanted to look like him….for her. She’d laugh and say “Ok, let’s do it”. Now at the time, she told me “Let’s do it” because she knew that’s what motivated me at the time. BUT what made her special was that she knew there would be a time in my journey when getting in shape wouldn’t be for vanity reasons but for the reasons I now know to be the real ones. Those reasons are my wife and daughter, being able to live a healthier life and be here for my grandchildren someday….to see my cholesterol drop 48 pts and my self confidence blow up.

Sometimes it takes vanity, a wedding or a high school reunion to get you to commit…but eventually, if you’re special and you’re one of those who sticks it out, you find the person inside of you that you always knew was there. Vanity will only get you so far with your fitness goals, once you realize what really matters in life and why you should do it…the vanity reasons just happen by default. Funny how people can’t see that, but I don’t judge them for not understanding it. I didn’t either. I had to go through my own personal journey and meet My Coach who helped me see the life that I was supposed to live and how I was supposed to live it.

So when people ask me what I do, I laugh on the inside because there’s never enough time to explain all this to perfect stranger when you’re face to face. BUT if you’re reading this….now you know….what we mean when we say “We’ll be your coach….and it’s free”. The reward we get from seeing you duplicate a lifestyle that we now live and understand is quite honestly….priceless.

Thank your for looking around and if you want to connect with us and see if we can help you, just contact us HERE or just click HERE to sign up with us for free! Look forward to talking to you.

February 11, 2012

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology and It’s Vegan!

Here’s a webinar that we coaches have access to that answers all your questions about Tropical Shakeology!

To launch the webinar about Tropical Strawberry Shakeology, click HERE!











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