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    Autumn Calabrese

November 19, 2015

Hammer and Chisel Giveaway

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May 6, 2015

Our Top 5 Favorite “Fitness” Things

On our YouTube Channel, we showcase a lot of things from shoes to pre-workout formulas and much more because people always ask us, “What is that?” or “What are you wearing?”. So now without further ado … you’ll be in the know!

#1 – ASICS Kinsei 5 Shoes

By far our favorite shoe to workout in for several reasons. They are extremely comfortable, don’t have to be broken in and are really good for cross training and lateral movement.
ASICS-GEL-Kinsei-5-Running-ShoeDon’t be fooled by the fact that they are listed as a “running shoe”, trust and believe they are great for the workouts we do. Shaun T himself turned me onto them. They can be a little pricey, but are well worth the money and look really slick. 

[button size=”medium” color=”green” href=”http://amzn.com/B00ES81J6Y” ]ASICS Men’s GEL-Kinsei 5 Running Shoe [/button]

[button size=”medium” color=”green” href=”http://amzn.com/B00AW7INDW”]ASICS Women’s GEL-Kinsei 5 Running Shoe [/button]

#2 – Cellucor C4 Extreme Workout Supplement

Now I know there are a lot of pre-workout formulas, these are just “our” favorites. C4 right now, is Todd’s (mine) favorite pre-workout formula. It gives you the tingle, the flavors are amazing and it definitely pushes you through your workout.

Cellucor C4 Extreme Workout Supplement, Icy Blue Razz
Alisha on the other hand loves the E&E pre-workout that we sell ourselves. Both are amazing and will help you push through. The E&E is a good start for people who have never tried a pre-workout before and it’s safe for all levels of exercise and will give that extra push in a safe way.

C4 is little more extreme and I would only say to use it for the more extreme workouts or when playing sports. I use it before tennis and any of Shaun’s workouts or even the resistance training workouts that Tony has in the P90X family. You can purchase E&E here on our site by clicking the SHOP tab. To get some C4, the best price and hassle free way is through Amazon with the link below.

[button size=”medium” color=”green” href=”http://amzn.com/B005RCDW8S” ]Cellucor C4 Extreme Workout Supplement, Icy Blue Razz[/button]

#2XU Compression Shorts & Tights (Men & Women)

Love, love, love these! If you workout a lot, you probably wear some type of compression shorts, or you should! I’ve bought so many pairs at the workout chain stores and after a while they begin to develop the “funk”, fade and just don’t seem to hold up well at all. Well that’s before I found these beauties. It’s another gem that Shaun turned me onto, first off they last forever, he has several pairs that he’s had for years! The screen-printing on them seems to hold up better which keeps them looking like they did the day you bought them, and they don’t develop the funk!

But you want to know what I love about them the most? The way the fit. A lot of compression shorts fit me weird, it’s hard to find the pair that doesn’t push your skin up and make you look like you have a “muffin-top” and then there’s some that are too big or after a while break down and become too loose. These have hardly any waistband on them at all so it dramatically cuts down the “muffin-top” push which let’s face it, makes you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror. If you look in the mirror and you feel like you look fat before you workout, you’re mental state going in is going to suck. These fit you the way all shorts should.

These are the only compression shorts I feel comfortable enough in, to workout in just them…with no shorts over the top of them. They are pricey, but when you consider you don’t have to buy any more for a LONG time, they pay for themselves in that and in the way they make you feel.

[button size=”medium” color=”green” href=”http://amzn.com/B00591HGRU” ]2XU Men’s Compression Shorts[/button]

[button size=”medium” color=”green” href=”http://amzn.com/B00591Q392″]2XU Men’s Compression Tights[/button]

[button size=”medium” color=”green” href=”http://amzn.com/B005NK7CYY”]2XU Women’s 3/4 Compression Tights[/button]

[button size=”medium” color=”green” href=”http://amzn.com/B00591QN9W” ]2XU Women’s Compression Tights[/button]

#4 – Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands

We’ve used a couple of different push-up stands in the past, and we love the Beachbody ones that you can purchase on our SHOP tab, but we also found these little beauties on Amazon and love the versatility and lightweight features of them.
Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands
They travel well and we’ve even done plyometric push-ups with them.

[button size=”medium” color=”green” href=”http://amzn.com/B00MBEVV8S” ]Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands[/button]

#5 – Vivobarefoot Men’s Stealth Running Shoe

This is a brand new one to our world, but quickly moving up the ranks. I’ve been skeptical of minimalist shoes and the “working out barefoot” approach, but I’m intrigued and am exploring it.
Vivobarefoot Men's Stealth Running Shoe
Darren, who you may know from Shaun’s workouts like Insanity, Asylum and more, turned me onto these. They essentially allow you to workout barefoot, but with something on your feet. They cut down on wearing shoes that may mess up your kinetic chain and the way your body absorbs shocks from jumping as well as the way you run. I’ve tried them outside and it was a little weird, but I love them inside in our workout room (granted it has padding and carpet), but when I wear them inside I notice my feet do respond well to them. If you are someone who has pain in your arches and feet hurt when you workout, you should definitely look into these.

[button size=”medium” color=”green” href=”http://amzn.com/B008K9X6S6″ ]Vivobarefoot Men’s Stealth Running Shoe[/button]

Again, these are just our favorites. It doesn’t make our way the right way or your way the wrong way, just what we . If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

March 5, 2015

Beachbody On Demand

Finally You Can Stream Your Favorite Workouts! 

We’ve heard for years how much easier it would be if you could just stream your favorite workout while on the go, now you can!

Beachbody On Demand has launched and it’s now LIVE!  There is now an impressive library in there now and there’s much more to come!  Check out this video explaining how it works. 

If you have any questions regarding how to get the Club Membership, feel free to reach out to us.

March 22, 2014

21 Day Fix – Week 3 Results

3 Weeks Done, but Journey Not Over

So we finished the 21 Day Fix and the results are in!  Alisha and the test group finished their  3 weeks last week and the results were phenomenal.  Everyone finished except Kristen who got sick and is finishing up this week.  So here are the results of the final week:


1509129_10202082577658845_485379940_nAfter 3 weeks, I am down 7lbs and 7 3/4ins.  It may not sound like a lot, but believe me when you start feeling good, have more energy and being complimented because others can see a difference, then I would say it is.  This is what happened to me after completing the 21 Day Fix. I really love this program because I can’t overeat, I get my fair share of water and then some and I complete my workouts that are only 30 mins. I hold myself accountable daily for what I am supposed to do. There were some days that I didn’t do everything or eat everything, but I got back on track. So now I am starting my second round. #21DayFix.

Before and After Pics to come!


Alisha total loss was 4.6lbs and a total of 8.5 inches!!! Her biggest takeaway was portion control and eating a balanced diet with the right amounts of proteins, carbs, veggies, fruits and healthy fats.  SINCE these pics were taken, Alisha’s lost another 2lbs in the following week (technically week 4) and just went shopping and bought size 2 jeans!!!!




His pics speak for themselves….

1924490_597449887009708_1081636182_nNow It’s Your Turn

We’re going to start another 21 Day Fix Challenge Group on Monday April 7.  If you would like more information on this, all the info on the challenge group can be found HERE.  We will be offering the same FREE Swag offer as well as the private Facebook group and FREE coaching!  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in 3 weeks.  To see how just the diet part of the program helped me with P90X3, feel free to see that HERE.

If you’ve pondered about starting or always wanted to finish your fitness journey and never could, now is your time!  Join our Challenge today.  If you’re ready to take that leap of faith and let us help you, then let’s go!  Click HERE to get your challenge pack and we’ll be in touch!

March 5, 2014

21 Day Fix Week 2 Results!

Official Week 2 Results From Our Test Group

So here’s the blogs from our Test Group after Week 2 of the 21 Day Fix:


1509129_10202082577658845_485379940_nWeek 2 of the 21 Day Fix was a little easier, but I had a long and busy week and wasn’t able to eat all the proper foods and portions. But I did not eat the bad foods! I kept up with the workouts and some of them were a little easier. I’m having trouble with push-ups and planks because I have a sore shoulder, but I still managed some modifications. I am still loving this program and even tho I only lost 1 lb , I did manage to lose 5.5 inches total . 21 Day fix is for real. Ready for week 3!


333_726237347394_3808_nWeek 2 has gone by so fast! I love the Facebook group because it keeps me consistent. The nutrition portion gets easier as I am beginning to be able to notice how much food would fit in one container and am able to recognize when there is too much food on my plate. I am also able to make my way through the workouts a bit easier. I am able to breath and hold longer (especially the planks in the Pilates Fix video). I can see a significant difference with my body not only in the mirror, but just how my clothes fit me (my jeans are not nearly as tight!)


558598_2723058120972_1675749595_nAfter week two of the 21 Day Fix, I am at the lowest weight I’ve been since college. I’ve lost 7.2 lbs since Day 1. My stomach is starting to look flat and I have a lot more energy now. I need to strengthen my shoulders more because they are still a little sore. I love doing Yoga at the end of the week, it really helps stretch everything back out.

After the first week, I went out and bought a bunch of meat and veggies in bulk. In week two, I was able to plan my meals out much easier because all the food was already cooked and ready to eat. I had days when I skipped a meal or two, which I’m going to strive to fix in the final week. Also, I think I may double up with 10-Minute Abs this week. Let’s do this!


1070099_4936660181729_983068785_nWeek 2 started off great but by the weekend life gets in the way sometimes and we had to make a trip out of town for a funeral.  Like all funerals with family, there is a LOT of food involved. We actually went to the store and bought veggies and other items to try to stay on track. I was tempted of course and did cheat a little. I tried to drink more water so I wasn’t as tempted. I did not get to workout on Friday but did doubles on Saturday. Sunday was suppose to be yoga but did doubles again with a P90X One on One and the Cardio Fix workout from our 21 Day fix. Overall I feel pretty good about the week considering the circumstances. Going to push hard going into week 3.  Going into week 3, I’m down almost 3.4lbs and .8% body fat!

February 24, 2014

21 Day Fix – Week 1 Results

Official Week 1 Results From Our Test Group!

So we officially wrapped up week 1 of the 21 Day Fix and here are the numbers so far!


1509129_10202082577658845_485379940_nWeek one of 21 Day Fix was an exciting and interesting one. To begin, I had to figure out what foods from the list I liked well enough to eat the right portions of. That part wasn’t too bad. The worst part was getting on schedule to eat all the food. The containers seem small, but it is a lot of food. I managed to stick with the right foods, but a couple of days I did not eat it all. I guess I ran out the time and didn’t want to eat too late.

As far as the workouts, I can say they were not easy. None of them. Right now I can’t say that I have a favorite because they all are good. But my least favorite and the one I struggled with the most was Yoga Fix. I’m really not a Yoga person.

After week 1, I lost 6lbs and 2 3/4 ins. I am a little disappointed in the inches category because I wanted to lose more, but hopefully it will show after week 2 because I will work even harder. What I like most and what would be my selling point is being able to control your food portions. That has always been a struggle for me. I really enjoy this program and I am already looking forward to my second round.


333_726237347394_3808_nBEFORE– weight: 161.6 lbs; 28.9% Fat; 53.1% water (according to my home scale) Arms R&L: 13″ Thighs R&L: 26″ Hips: 39″ waist: 35.5″

AFTER 1 WEEK: weight: 155.4 lns; 27.2%fat, 54.4%water; Arms R&L: 12″ Thighs: 25.5″ Hips: 40″ waist: 32″

Regardless, I feel soooo much better, even noticing my pant fitting better! I am happier though today, since I can still feel some of the soreness from the workouts as well as I can breath better! My sides are still a little sore from the Dirty 30 side weight lifts.

RESULTS: weight change: lost 6.2 lbs, Arms: lost 1″ each, Thighs: lost .5″ each, Hips & waist -I need to re-measure to make sure I’m doing it right.

LOVE the FB group!! Keeps me motivated and accountable! Plus great to see what others come up with for creating meals and how they handle to day to day social settings for going out to eat!!


558598_2723058120972_1675749595_nOne week down, and I’ve already lost 6 lbs! I can’t believe the results that I’m seeing after only one week. The workouts are not too difficult but boy do they make you sweat in only 30 minutes a day! I feel young. I feel fresh. I feel like a new person. I’ve struggled a little with the portion control though, especially over the weekend. It’s hard when you’re going out with friends, but I came through! I’m glad this program color-codes your meals for you, it makes it much easier to follow. Who knew a slight change to my eating habits would make such a difference? Looking forward to week 2!


1070099_4936660181729_983068785_nAfter week one of the 21 Day Fix I am shocked at the results I am getting. I have currently lost 2 lbs. but I noticed by day 2 my stomach was less bloated than it normally is. My stomach felt really flat by Saturday and I decided to measure around my waist and hips and I was amazed just in 6 days that I had already lost 3 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my hips. Before that, I was starting to get a little discouraged because the scales stayed the same for 4 days. I realized that you don’t have to always go by the scales and that even though the scales may not be moving you are still making progress in inches.

As far as the food goes by, day 3 it was pretty easy to keep up with how many containers I had for the day. I start my day off with Shakeology mixed with ice water and an orange container of ground flax seed. I eat my purple container with fruit at breakfast also. I’m allowed 1 orange container so I get that out of the way in the morning. Shakeology is considered a protein which is the red container. I usually eat the purple container filled with blackberries, strawberries or cut up apples. That normally holds me until about 10:30 am and then I will have a snack which consist of fresh carrots or cucumbers which is the green container for vegetables. I fill the blue container with hummus and eat the veggies with the hummus. At lunch time I do 2 more proteins (red) a green if I did not do it for a snack and my carbs which are 2 yellow containers for me. As an afternoon snack I will have my last serving of fruit. All that is left for the evening is 1 more protein (red) and 2 more veggies (green). I will have the teaspoons thoughout the day when I get a little hungry which consist of natural peanut butter.

I have had fun with the water because I fill up 2 bottles (33oz each) of filtered water in the morning and I use the same cup and refill it from the bigger bottles. I have enjoyed my water with mint, lemons and limes and tangerine and mint. It has made drinking that much water more enjoyable.

I realized before doing the 21 Day Fix that I ate decent but I don’t think I ate ENOUGH of the food that was good for me. I have always had a sweet tooth and my excuse was “oh, I can eat that because I just worked out for an hour”. So I was spinning my wheels and was not seeing any progress. As far as my sweet tooth goes while doing the Fix a couple of times this past week I have had a quarter size amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips, that’s it. It is enough to hit the spot. I’m so committed to this program and I really don’t want to cheat.

As far as the workouts go they are great. I feel it in my abs after every workout. It is hard enough for someone who is used to working out but with the modifier in the workouts it makes it easier if this is a beginner program for you. So far so good. Excited what the end of week 2 will bring.

Challenge Group

We have 21 Day Fix Challenge Groups about to start, if you’re interested in joining us, contact us today and we’ll get you all the information that you will need!  Or if you’re ready to take the leap of faith, then just click here and then click Challenge Packs.  Make sure you reach out to us after the order is placed to make sure you get your surprise gift from us!


January 22, 2014

Who is the 21 Day Fix For? Anyone!

So Who Should Look Into This…Literally ANYBODY! 

Seriously, anyone can do this program. Men and women, people who are overweight or people who just want to tone the body they already have. Its for many different fitness levels as well as different shapes and sizes of people.


Some reasons for wanting to do 21 Day Fix?…

  • To get in shape for bikini season
  • To lose weight
  • For a wedding
  • To lose a “beer gut”
  • A new mom who is trying to lose baby weight
  • To tone the body you already have
  • A mom or dad getting ready for spring break vacations with the kids
  • An athlete getting back in shape for the upcoming season
  • And many more

 Is This You?

Do you see yourself in any of these categories? Do you already have your own reasons for wanting to be a part of the 21 Day Fix? Let us help you achieve your goals! We have four different people doing a 21 Day Challenge, Dee, Chris, Alisha and Kristen. All different ages, sexes, fitness levels, weight and motivation reasons, yet they’re all doing the 21 Day Fix. You can too! February 3rd is the launch so make sure you’re signed up to receive all the details and the latest information leading up to the launch.


January 9, 2014

21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese!

Finally! A Program For You, The “3 Week-er”

We hear from a lot of people that they need a short fix.  Maybe you waited til the last minute to get in shape for that beach trip, wedding or reunion.  Maybe you started a New Years Resolution to get in shape and it lasted for a week or so and then you quit because it was too much or too long of a process.

Well now you’re in luck!  The 21 Day Fix may just be for you.  21 Day Fix launched on February 3, it is THE fitness and nutrition program to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days. Each workout is approximately 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

The Containers

The unique nutrition plan uses specifically portioned food storage containers that eliminate the guesswork from portion control – no weighing, measuring, or counting calories, carbs or points. If it fits in the container, you can eat it.  And you’ll lose weight. When eaten in the right quantities, there are no foods that are off limits.  In the video below you’ll see a lady who at 71 repeated the program back to back and lost 45 lbs!  She also had the LONGEST plank hold in the test group at 9 minutes!  That’s crazy!

Autumn is a single mom, she understands the busy life schedule that most of us have, so she designed a program that’s simple to follow and easy to control your portion controls, no counting calories, no complicated plans, if it fits you eat it.  Check out this video for a quick tease.

Who Should Buy 21 Day Fix?

Everyone can do 21 Day Fix and get great results. Each workout has a modifier to show easier moves. The test groups included fit people as well as people with 100+ pounds to lose, to be sure that anyone could be successful with this program. To make it even easier to introduce 21 Day Fix to customers, Coaches can take advantage of the Team Beachbody Network exclusive offer listed below.

The Challenge Pack is an amazing deal at $160 with $2 for shipping, 1 bag of Shakeology, FREE Club Membership for 30 days and much more!  All programs bought through NC Fit Club will receive the free bonus workout Plyo Fix featured in the video below.  You also have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Questions and Answers

Questions Answers
Which kit is included in the Challenge Pack? The 21 Day Fix Base Kit is included.
How long are the workouts? Approximately 30 minutes each.
What is the workout schedule? One 30-minute workout each day for 21 days.
What is included with the container set? 7 color-coded containers + a Shakeology shaker cup.
What is the size of each container? The Fix is designed to make portion-control easy, so we color-coded the containers so you wouldn’t have to count ounces. The exact ounce size of each container is proprietary information to Beachbody.
Can a 2nd set of containers be purchased separately? Yes, see below in the ‘Kit Details’ for the price.
What is included in the Base & Ultimate Kits? see below
What equipment is required or recommended? Recommended Equipment: Yoga Mat or Beachbody miniMAT are helpful but not required.Required Equipment: Dumbbells or a resistance band are used in some of the workouts.
Can the Eating Plan be done on its’ own? For best results, the eating & workout plan is essential.
Why can’t other containers be used? Few, if any, containers come in the sizes required.
Can I eat out at restaurants during the Fix? Yes, the Eating Plan includes a Restaurant Guide.
What does “no off-limit foods” mean? Treats (like desert & Wine) are incorporated, not off limits.


What Are the Base Kit and Ultimate Kit?

21 Day Fix Essentials (Base) Kit
30-day money back guaranteeFree Gifts
Start Here Guide with Workout Calendar
3-Day Quick Fix**
Eating Plan**
24/7 Online Support**Work Outs
7 workouts on 2 DVDs (VHS not available)
Dirty 30 workout**
Total Body Cardio Fix
Upper Fix
Lower Fix
Pilates Fix
Cardio Fix
Yoga Fix 

Ultimate Workouts





Nutrition Samples


7 color-coded portion-control containers
Shakeology shaker cup


**Free Gifts with purchase to keep

21 Day Fix Ultimate Kit
30-day money back guaranteeFree Gifts
Start Here Guide with Workout Calendar
3-Day Quick Fix**
Eating Plan**
24/7 Online Support**
Insulated Tote BagWork Outs
7 workouts on 2 DVDs (VHS not available)
Dirty 30 workout**
Total Body Cardio Fix
Upper Fix
Lower Fix
Pilates Fix
Cardio Fix
Yoga Fix


Ultimate Workouts
Flat Abs Fix
Barre Legs


1 Pro-Grade Resistance Band (Pink=15lbs)


Nutrition Samples


7 color-coded portion-control containers
Shakeology shaker cup
Large on-the-go container

Pricing: (Retail, Club and Coach Prices, Left to Right)


Essential (Base) Kit** $59.85 $53.87 $44.89
Ultimate Kit $119.70 $107.73 $89.78
Ultimate DVD Kit $29.85 $26.87 $22.39
Plyo Fix Workout $19.95 $17.96 $14.96
Extra Set of Containers – 7pc $17.85 $16.07 $13.39


Challenge Pack Details Shipping 
Challenge Pack ** $160 $2.00


Challenge Group With Us!

pic 33.001So now that you’ve checked it out, we’d like you to join these ladies (and one guy not pictured) as we go on the journey with you.  From the left to right: Dee turns 50 this year and wants to see what it will do for her, Alisha has a cruise in March and wants to get “cruise ready” and Kristen wants to see how much weight she can lose after the holidays.  Not pictured is Chris, a guy who is athletic but wants to tone and feels like this will give him the discipline he needs.

We’ll put you in a private Facebook group for daily support, you’ll have our cell phone numbers if you have any questions and together, over the 3 week journey, we will be with you every step of the way to see what kind of crazy success you can get in just 3 weeks!  We may even pay you for your results and share your story with the world.  Beachbody may as well!  Trust me, they have bigger pockets than us, but if we both use your story, double win for you.

The program will be available on February 3rd.  Our goal is to start the group on February 10th.  The price for just the base kit is $59.85, the Challenge Pack (includes a month’s supply of Shakeology and 30 days of the Club Membership for free) is $160.

We may even have some cool giveaways! 

NC Fit Club