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    21 Day Fix Week 2 Results!

    March 5, 2014

March 5, 2014

21 Day Fix Week 2 Results!

Official Week 2 Results From Our Test Group

So here’s the blogs from our Test Group after Week 2 of the 21 Day Fix:


1509129_10202082577658845_485379940_nWeek 2 of the 21 Day Fix was a little easier, but I had a long and busy week and wasn’t able to eat all the proper foods and portions. But I did not eat the bad foods! I kept up with the workouts and some of them were a little easier. I’m having trouble with push-ups and planks because I have a sore shoulder, but I still managed some modifications. I am still loving this program and even tho I only lost 1 lb , I did manage to lose 5.5 inches total . 21 Day fix is for real. Ready for week 3!


333_726237347394_3808_nWeek 2 has gone by so fast! I love the Facebook group because it keeps me consistent. The nutrition portion gets easier as I am beginning to be able to notice how much food would fit in one container and am able to recognize when there is too much food on my plate. I am also able to make my way through the workouts a bit easier. I am able to breath and hold longer (especially the planks in the Pilates Fix video). I can see a significant difference with my body not only in the mirror, but just how my clothes fit me (my jeans are not nearly as tight!)


558598_2723058120972_1675749595_nAfter week two of the 21 Day Fix, I am at the lowest weight I’ve been since college. I’ve lost 7.2 lbs since Day 1. My stomach is starting to look flat and I have a lot more energy now. I need to strengthen my shoulders more because they are still a little sore. I love doing Yoga at the end of the week, it really helps stretch everything back out.

After the first week, I went out and bought a bunch of meat and veggies in bulk. In week two, I was able to plan my meals out much easier because all the food was already cooked and ready to eat. I had days when I skipped a meal or two, which I’m going to strive to fix in the final week. Also, I think I may double up with 10-Minute Abs this week. Let’s do this!


1070099_4936660181729_983068785_nWeek 2 started off great but by the weekend life gets in the way sometimes and we had to make a trip out of town for a funeral.  Like all funerals with family, there is a LOT of food involved. We actually went to the store and bought veggies and other items to try to stay on track. I was tempted of course and did cheat a little. I tried to drink more water so I wasn’t as tempted. I did not get to workout on Friday but did doubles on Saturday. Sunday was suppose to be yoga but did doubles again with a P90X One on One and the Cardio Fix workout from our 21 Day fix. Overall I feel pretty good about the week considering the circumstances. Going to push hard going into week 3.  Going into week 3, I’m down almost 3.4lbs and .8% body fat!

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