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January 10, 2018

Attaching to an Emotion and Not a Number!

Chase a F$%king Feeling! It’s the only thing you can sustain.

We haven’t done a Marriage Monday in weeks, but they’re coming back! I thought I’d (Todd) take this opportunity to catch up with some things we’ve talked about the last couple of weeks.

First off, it’s a week and a half into the new year….how are you holding up on your “Resolutions”? We personally don’t make New Years Resolutions, we make daily and weekly resolutions, LOL. December was a rough month, with losing my grandmother and the struggle that comes with that, but it was also an amazing month for Alisha and me and sent us into 2018 with the mindset we needed to succeed and hopefully help you succeed as well.

* If you have followed us and read her Marriage Mondays, I can honestly say we entered 2018 the STRONGEST we have ever been. We had a lot of mental breakthroughs in our marriage last year, we shared many of them and I’m sure will share more this year.

* I lost one really good friend (just parted ways, he didn’t die) but in return was able to re-examine the people who were around me and dig deeper into those relationships. I had the breakthrough that everyone isn’t going to like you and that’s ok. I thought I needed a lot of friends to be happy, I DON’T, I just need 1 or 2 good ones and Alisha…and I’m good.

* I watched my Soul Brother (Shaun) and Scott become Dads and I fell in love with my two nephews. I also realized how amazing it is to have that one person who truly is your brother (and not by blood, because blood doesn’t always mean you’re close). Shaun literally makes me better every day and having him in my life is the best gift in the world, 2nd only to Alisha and Carly.

* We’re watching Carly turn 16 and start driving, that’s just….is what it is….lol.

But most importantly…..I’m realizing that as I’m about to turn 43 this weekend, that I want to be the best fucking version of myself I can be. If you don’t like the word fuck, sorry…it’s an amazing adjective for this statement. I think we give cuss words too much power…take the power away and they’re just adjectives…..so take a breath. I want to go into 43 this weekend ready to attack 2 for sure, maybe 3 Spartan Trifectas, Tough Mudder X, Trifecta with Shaun and I just want to live every day loving Alisha and Carly as much as I can.

That’s my DAILY challenge. I know we run burpee challenges, and people do all kinds of challenges this time of the year, but if you don’t have an actual WHY that motivates you, Alisha and Carly are my daily motivation, THEN it’s not going to work long-term. I want to surround myself with people who make me better, not drag me down into their bullshit and drama. I want to be around people who show me ways to love Alisha better (i.e. Shaun and Scott), people who want to go on this OCR journey with me and make me a better athlete and person (i.e. Eric, Jason, Charlie, Billy and Shaun…maybe YOU?) Don’t chase a number, don’t chase a one-time goal, chase a FEELING. Knowing that I love Alisha and Carly more today than I did yesterday….is a feeling I can chase. HERE’S ONE FOR YOU…..knowing that I love myself more today than yesterday….IS A FUCKING FEELING….I can get behind and go after.

What about you?

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