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March 31, 2014

Sexy Summer Slimdown

Here’s Our Hybrid Schedule for April

As part of our Sexy Summer Slimdown Challenge, we’re taking P90X3, Insanity, Asylum (1&2) and some of Tony’s One on One’s to create what should be a great hybrid.  If you don’t have all the programs, no worries.  Here’s a video explaining:

 April’s Schedule!

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Complex Upper X3Total Synergistics X3
1Asylum 1– Speed and Agility 2Asylum 2—Power Legs 3One on One—
4X3-  CVX and ARX3 5Asylum 2–Championship
7Asylum 2—Upper Elite 8Asylum 1—Vertical Plyo 9X3—Eccentric LowerTriometrics 10One on One—Just ArmsX3—Isometrics 11X3—Pilates and MMX 12One on One—30/15X3—Agility X
14Asylum 2—X Trainer 15Asylum 2—Power Legs 16One on One—On One LegAsylum 2 Abs 17One on One—Plyocide 18One on One—4 LegsTotal Synergistics—X3 19Asylum 1—Game Day/OT
21X3– Incinerator and The Challenge 22Asylum 1—Speed and Agility 23One on One—Upper Body X 24X3—Eccentric Lower or Complex Lower and Triometrics 25X3- MMXYoga 26Asylum 2—Championship
28One on One—Chest Back and Balls 29Asylum 1—Vertical PlyoARX 3 30One on One—Just Arms 1Asylum 1—Speed and Agility 2X3—CVX andIsometrics 3X3—The WarriorAsylum 2 Abs


May Schedule

 Sun   Mon  Tue  Wed Thur Fri Sat
4 5 Asylum StrengthAsylum 1 6  X-Trainer  7 Back and 6 pack Power Legs 9 Plyocide 10 Game Day/OT
11 12  Upper Elite 13 Vertical Plyo 14 Speed and Agility 15 Base and Back 16  MMX and CVX 17 Championship
18 19  Chest, Back, and Balls 20  Power Legs 21 X-Trainer 22 Back to Core 23 Decelerator and Triometrics 24 Game Day/OT
25 26 Upper Elite 27 Speed and Agility 28 Asylum Strength 29 Vertical Plyo 30 Base and Back 31 Championship

If you need any help or want more information, just email me at [email protected]!

March 22, 2014

21 Day Fix – Week 3 Results

3 Weeks Done, but Journey Not Over

So we finished the 21 Day Fix and the results are in!  Alisha and the test group finished their  3 weeks last week and the results were phenomenal.  Everyone finished except Kristen who got sick and is finishing up this week.  So here are the results of the final week:


1509129_10202082577658845_485379940_nAfter 3 weeks, I am down 7lbs and 7 3/4ins.  It may not sound like a lot, but believe me when you start feeling good, have more energy and being complimented because others can see a difference, then I would say it is.  This is what happened to me after completing the 21 Day Fix. I really love this program because I can’t overeat, I get my fair share of water and then some and I complete my workouts that are only 30 mins. I hold myself accountable daily for what I am supposed to do. There were some days that I didn’t do everything or eat everything, but I got back on track. So now I am starting my second round. #21DayFix.

Before and After Pics to come!


Alisha total loss was 4.6lbs and a total of 8.5 inches!!! Her biggest takeaway was portion control and eating a balanced diet with the right amounts of proteins, carbs, veggies, fruits and healthy fats.  SINCE these pics were taken, Alisha’s lost another 2lbs in the following week (technically week 4) and just went shopping and bought size 2 jeans!!!!




His pics speak for themselves….

1924490_597449887009708_1081636182_nNow It’s Your Turn

We’re going to start another 21 Day Fix Challenge Group on Monday April 7.  If you would like more information on this, all the info on the challenge group can be found HERE.  We will be offering the same FREE Swag offer as well as the private Facebook group and FREE coaching!  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in 3 weeks.  To see how just the diet part of the program helped me with P90X3, feel free to see that HERE.

If you’ve pondered about starting or always wanted to finish your fitness journey and never could, now is your time!  Join our Challenge today.  If you’re ready to take that leap of faith and let us help you, then let’s go!  Click HERE to get your challenge pack and we’ll be in touch!

March 21, 2014

P90X3 Results

P90X3 Got Me Back to Where I Was 6 Years Ago!

I haven’t been this lean since I did Insanity the Asylum, 6 years ago.  Difference was, this time I had to work much harder…due to the fact that I was 39 this time and not 33.  Plus I had the help of the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Containers that I worked in the last 30 days.  That was a game changer!


One of the things P90X3 taught me, was that my body responds well to pull-ups, push-ups and weights, but in the style that Tony Horton has you do them.  My whole journey started with Power 90 and P90X.  That’s when I got the craziest and most dramatic results.   That’s not to say the other programs didn’t work, because Asylum got me the leanest until now.   P90X3 seemed to match those results and actually add more muscle, but to be fair, X3 is 90 days and Asylum is only 30…so it’s kind of a wash.

My P90X3 Video Review

Here’s more detail and review of P90X3.



To join our next P90X3 Challenge Group, click HERE and let’s do this together!!!  You have a full 90 Day return policy….so what do you have to lose besides weight?!?

March 10, 2014

March Madness Challenge!!!

First It Was Tony Horton, Now You!

In honor of March Madness and basketball fever, we’ve decided to offer you the opportunity to challenge us to a workout move of your making….

To submit your video for the March Madness Challenge, click HERE!

March 5, 2014

21 Day Fix Week 2 Results!

Official Week 2 Results From Our Test Group

So here’s the blogs from our Test Group after Week 2 of the 21 Day Fix:


1509129_10202082577658845_485379940_nWeek 2 of the 21 Day Fix was a little easier, but I had a long and busy week and wasn’t able to eat all the proper foods and portions. But I did not eat the bad foods! I kept up with the workouts and some of them were a little easier. I’m having trouble with push-ups and planks because I have a sore shoulder, but I still managed some modifications. I am still loving this program and even tho I only lost 1 lb , I did manage to lose 5.5 inches total . 21 Day fix is for real. Ready for week 3!


333_726237347394_3808_nWeek 2 has gone by so fast! I love the Facebook group because it keeps me consistent. The nutrition portion gets easier as I am beginning to be able to notice how much food would fit in one container and am able to recognize when there is too much food on my plate. I am also able to make my way through the workouts a bit easier. I am able to breath and hold longer (especially the planks in the Pilates Fix video). I can see a significant difference with my body not only in the mirror, but just how my clothes fit me (my jeans are not nearly as tight!)


558598_2723058120972_1675749595_nAfter week two of the 21 Day Fix, I am at the lowest weight I’ve been since college. I’ve lost 7.2 lbs since Day 1. My stomach is starting to look flat and I have a lot more energy now. I need to strengthen my shoulders more because they are still a little sore. I love doing Yoga at the end of the week, it really helps stretch everything back out.

After the first week, I went out and bought a bunch of meat and veggies in bulk. In week two, I was able to plan my meals out much easier because all the food was already cooked and ready to eat. I had days when I skipped a meal or two, which I’m going to strive to fix in the final week. Also, I think I may double up with 10-Minute Abs this week. Let’s do this!


1070099_4936660181729_983068785_nWeek 2 started off great but by the weekend life gets in the way sometimes and we had to make a trip out of town for a funeral.  Like all funerals with family, there is a LOT of food involved. We actually went to the store and bought veggies and other items to try to stay on track. I was tempted of course and did cheat a little. I tried to drink more water so I wasn’t as tempted. I did not get to workout on Friday but did doubles on Saturday. Sunday was suppose to be yoga but did doubles again with a P90X One on One and the Cardio Fix workout from our 21 Day fix. Overall I feel pretty good about the week considering the circumstances. Going to push hard going into week 3.  Going into week 3, I’m down almost 3.4lbs and .8% body fat!

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