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February 24, 2014

21 Day Fix – Week 1 Results

Official Week 1 Results From Our Test Group!

So we officially wrapped up week 1 of the 21 Day Fix and here are the numbers so far!


1509129_10202082577658845_485379940_nWeek one of 21 Day Fix was an exciting and interesting one. To begin, I had to figure out what foods from the list I liked well enough to eat the right portions of. That part wasn’t too bad. The worst part was getting on schedule to eat all the food. The containers seem small, but it is a lot of food. I managed to stick with the right foods, but a couple of days I did not eat it all. I guess I ran out the time and didn’t want to eat too late.

As far as the workouts, I can say they were not easy. None of them. Right now I can’t say that I have a favorite because they all are good. But my least favorite and the one I struggled with the most was Yoga Fix. I’m really not a Yoga person.

After week 1, I lost 6lbs and 2 3/4 ins. I am a little disappointed in the inches category because I wanted to lose more, but hopefully it will show after week 2 because I will work even harder. What I like most and what would be my selling point is being able to control your food portions. That has always been a struggle for me. I really enjoy this program and I am already looking forward to my second round.


333_726237347394_3808_nBEFORE– weight: 161.6 lbs; 28.9% Fat; 53.1% water (according to my home scale) Arms R&L: 13″ Thighs R&L: 26″ Hips: 39″ waist: 35.5″

AFTER 1 WEEK: weight: 155.4 lns; 27.2%fat, 54.4%water; Arms R&L: 12″ Thighs: 25.5″ Hips: 40″ waist: 32″

Regardless, I feel soooo much better, even noticing my pant fitting better! I am happier though today, since I can still feel some of the soreness from the workouts as well as I can breath better! My sides are still a little sore from the Dirty 30 side weight lifts.

RESULTS: weight change: lost 6.2 lbs, Arms: lost 1″ each, Thighs: lost .5″ each, Hips & waist -I need to re-measure to make sure I’m doing it right.

LOVE the FB group!! Keeps me motivated and accountable! Plus great to see what others come up with for creating meals and how they handle to day to day social settings for going out to eat!!


558598_2723058120972_1675749595_nOne week down, and I’ve already lost 6 lbs! I can’t believe the results that I’m seeing after only one week. The workouts are not too difficult but boy do they make you sweat in only 30 minutes a day! I feel young. I feel fresh. I feel like a new person. I’ve struggled a little with the portion control though, especially over the weekend. It’s hard when you’re going out with friends, but I came through! I’m glad this program color-codes your meals for you, it makes it much easier to follow. Who knew a slight change to my eating habits would make such a difference? Looking forward to week 2!


1070099_4936660181729_983068785_nAfter week one of the 21 Day Fix I am shocked at the results I am getting. I have currently lost 2 lbs. but I noticed by day 2 my stomach was less bloated than it normally is. My stomach felt really flat by Saturday and I decided to measure around my waist and hips and I was amazed just in 6 days that I had already lost 3 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my hips. Before that, I was starting to get a little discouraged because the scales stayed the same for 4 days. I realized that you don’t have to always go by the scales and that even though the scales may not be moving you are still making progress in inches.

As far as the food goes by, day 3 it was pretty easy to keep up with how many containers I had for the day. I start my day off with Shakeology mixed with ice water and an orange container of ground flax seed. I eat my purple container with fruit at breakfast also. I’m allowed 1 orange container so I get that out of the way in the morning. Shakeology is considered a protein which is the red container. I usually eat the purple container filled with blackberries, strawberries or cut up apples. That normally holds me until about 10:30 am and then I will have a snack which consist of fresh carrots or cucumbers which is the green container for vegetables. I fill the blue container with hummus and eat the veggies with the hummus. At lunch time I do 2 more proteins (red) a green if I did not do it for a snack and my carbs which are 2 yellow containers for me. As an afternoon snack I will have my last serving of fruit. All that is left for the evening is 1 more protein (red) and 2 more veggies (green). I will have the teaspoons thoughout the day when I get a little hungry which consist of natural peanut butter.

I have had fun with the water because I fill up 2 bottles (33oz each) of filtered water in the morning and I use the same cup and refill it from the bigger bottles. I have enjoyed my water with mint, lemons and limes and tangerine and mint. It has made drinking that much water more enjoyable.

I realized before doing the 21 Day Fix that I ate decent but I don’t think I ate ENOUGH of the food that was good for me. I have always had a sweet tooth and my excuse was “oh, I can eat that because I just worked out for an hour”. So I was spinning my wheels and was not seeing any progress. As far as my sweet tooth goes while doing the Fix a couple of times this past week I have had a quarter size amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips, that’s it. It is enough to hit the spot. I’m so committed to this program and I really don’t want to cheat.

As far as the workouts go they are great. I feel it in my abs after every workout. It is hard enough for someone who is used to working out but with the modifier in the workouts it makes it easier if this is a beginner program for you. So far so good. Excited what the end of week 2 will bring.

Challenge Group

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February 16, 2014

21 Day Fix, Nutrition Plan

Understanding the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan

I must say, I’m really impressed with the versatility of the 21 Day Fix Nutrition plan, it allows itself to be used for more than just the 21 Day Fix workout program.  Starting Monday Feb. 17, Alisha will be joining a large group of people who are going to go through the 3 week program and follow the exercise and nutrition plan that Autumn Calabrese has come up with for the 21 Day Fix.  I on the other hand, will be using the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide and implementing it into my P90X3 workout schedule for the remainder of the program (Block 3).  First things first, here’s a video briefly breaking down the nutrition guide and what it looks like.

Why I Am Using This with P90X3

I was already keeping my calorie intake at 1,800-2,000 (probably closer to the 1,800) per day and seeing good results.  So you may be asking, then why are you going to incorporate the 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide?  Good question, because I do better with structure.  In the video above I hit on it, this gives me a simple and visual plan for my daily food intake.  Plus, I also know that I don’t always eat enough fruits and vegetables each day and this will force me to make sure I hit all the daily categories.  Those are the reasons for me.  I truly feel this will help me get the best results and finish strong with X3 and hopefully form even better habits.

So I figured up my calorie intake for 21 Day fix, replacing the 450 calorie workout burn they show and replaced it with an estimate of 700 calories that I burn doing the doubles schedule of P90X3.  The daily calorie intake came out to be between 1,800 and 2,000 calories, which sounded about right with what I was already doing before.

So What Does 1 Day Look Like for Me?

So below is 1 day of pictures showing the 1,800-2,000 calorie plan.  I’m allowed 5 Green, 3 Purple, 5 Red, 4 Yellow, 1 Blue, 1 Orange and 5 teaspoons (which are the oils and nut butters)


This was my breakfast.  1 Red (Shakeology counts as a Red) and a bowl of oatmeal.  This was my normal breakfast already, so it was nice to not have to change that habit.  The one bowl of oatmeal counted as 2 yellows.  I usually buy the instant oatmeal, and this was 2 packets.  The banana due to it’s smaller size counted as 1.5 of my 3 purples allowed.  I was so full after the Shakeology and the oatmeal, I ended up saving the banana for my mid morning snack.




So this was lunch, 2 Reds (the grilled chicken), 1 Yellow (the quinoa), 2 Greens (the Kale and the Kale was prepared with olive oil and all purpose seasoning which counted as 2 teaspoons from that category).  To be honest with you, this was a lot of food!  I definitely was not hungry afterwards.  I didn’t even do the afternoon snack, even though I probably should have, in the spirit of following the rules, but I just wasn’t hungry.



So this was my remaining 1 Red container (turkey patty), 3 Greens (squash and carrots) and 1 remaining Yellow (baked sweet potato).  I’ll be honest on this one too, I wasn’t able to finish it, I was so full that the carrots went back in the container for the next day.  I also did not eat the snack after dinner, which I believe is an option and not a requirement.



I did take one snack in the afternoon which was a 1 Blue that equaled 12 almonds.  On things like nuts, you don’t always fill the container up, instead you go by the count.  In this case, you’re allowed 12 almonds.



Bottom Line

If you do this program, whether you do it full 21 Day Fix style or you use the Nutrition Guide for another workout like I am with P90X3, you will not be disappointed.  It is easy to follow, easy to calculate and really makes you eat the way you should eat regardless.  Best tip I can give you, prepare food ahead of time.  Alisha baked 3 chicken breasts and cut them up so we had enough to get us through 2 days, same with the squash and some other vegetables.  That way, all I have to do is figure up the containers, use them to portion it out and then microwave!  Simple as that.

I did not use 1 Orange this day (dressing, flaxseed etc) because, it just didn’t come into the mix.  I could have put flaxseed into my Shakeology and probably should have to get the 1 Orange requirement filled.

So, if you struggle with calorie intake, making sure your carb intake is in check, or making sure you get enough fruits and vegetables into your diet….then this is your answer.  You do have to buy the program to get the nutrition guide, but you can buy extra containers if your spouse or partner want to do it with you, that’s what we did.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.  If you would like to get into one of our Challenge Groups (i.e. 21 Day Fix, P90X3, T25 etc) make sure you contact us today or you can shop here.


February 11, 2014

Strawberry Valentine Smoothie

Shakeology, be mine! This strawberry smoothie is sweet and pink, just like a Valentine.


Total Time: 5 min.
Prep Time: 5 min.
Cooking Time: None
Yield: 1 serving

1 cup almond milk
1 scoop Greenberry Shakeology
1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
½ cup ice

1. Place almond milk, Shakeology, strawberries, and ice in blender; cover. Blend until smooth.


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