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November 29, 2013

P90X3, Perspective from a Beginner and a Veteran X’er

P90X 3 is For All Fitness Levels

As we’ve discussed in the last month or so, P90X 3 is for ALL fitness levels.  You don’t have to have completed P90X or P90X 2 (click to see the difference in X3) in order to take a stab at P90X 3.  All you have to do is have 30 minutes a day and be dedicated to a goal.  P90X 3 is smart because we realized that not everyone has an hour a day to workout.  We also know that there’s a lot of people out there who have P90X as a coaster on their shelf collecting dust….and that’s the most expensive coaster you can have.  So now is the time, there is no excuse for you not to be able to be a fellow “X’er” along with millions of other Americans.  It’s 30 minutes a day!  Aren’t you worth 30 minutes a day? To prove to you that someone with no experience with P90X can do a P90X workout, here’s Chris, a friend of mine who joined me in the sneak peek workout “Warrior” from P90X 3.




Chris on P90X 3

Last week, Coach Todd invited me over to try out the new P90X3 with him. Going in, I thought you had to be in amazing shape to do one of those workouts. This was not the case for P90X3. I did the entire workout, and if I can do it, so can you!

If you are someone who is inexperienced like me, or just doesn’t have a whole hour to give, then this workout is for you! You sweat. You ache. You moan. You fight. It was only 30 minutes long but my heart was pumping the entire time. The best part is, there’s a modification for every move, so when you do get tired there’s an easier way to get through it. With a little plyometrics thrown in, P90X3 is the ultimate 30 minute workout. Try it today! What’s your excuse?

-Chris Peery

Difference Between Chris and Myself

After we shot the video, Chris and I were talking about how I felt exhausted and he didn’t.  Here’s why, when you first start a 1425580_10151944112772891_682799282_nprogram, you’re unfamiliar with moves and spend more time (mentally and physically) trying to figure out what you’re doing rather than working out.  That was at least the 5th or 6th time I’ve done that workout, plus I’ve done every workout Tony’s ever released, so I knew the moves and picked them up quickly.  It’s similar to what we saw with Focus T25, in that you don’t feel like you get as good of a calorie burn in the beginning, but once you know the moves….you find yourself pushing much harder and your calorie burn and results will increase rapidly.  Hence the difference between Chris and myself after the workout.

I’m excited about this workout because it can be used in a lot of different ways.  There will be schedules for whatever fitness goal you have in mind.  More on that here.  I like that it’s added a Bulk phase, which is new from the original P90X.  I’m also excited that it has a Doubles schedule for those of us that want that hour long stress reliever. Truth be known, P90X changed my life, it’s the main reason I’m where I’m at today.  I was a little disappointed in P90X 2, the schedule and workouts seemed tedious.  P90X 3 has Tony going back to his roots which is what made P90X so successful, but with new moves, faster workouts for those that want it, simple nutrition guide and a new variety of schedules that will open it up to a larger market….like you. So if you’ve done the predecessors and are ready to continue, or if you’re one of the few who never took a leap into X-Land or you never finished it….the time is now!  30 minutes a day.  Let’s go!

Free Swag when you join our Challenge Group!!! IMG_3275

November 15, 2013

We’re Raising Money for Ovarian Cancer Research

What Does P90X 3 and Ovarian Cancer Have in Common?

Simple answer is us.

295815_1931687019159_1404640075_nMy step mom has been fighting cancer since 2001.  Of all things, she was actually diagnosed after  9/11/01, a day we all remember well.  For her it was twice as bad.  She went in for a hysterectomy and woke up 8 hours later with Stage IIIC fallopian tube cancer, a rare and unusual cancer.  It’s treated the same as ovarian cancer, hence why we’re donating to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund here in NC through the Carolinas Healthcare Foundation.

After the surgery, she experienced 3 years of remission that were followed by 4 re-occurrences and surgeries.  Over the last 12 years she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer, discovered she had a BRCA1 gene mutation, and finally a diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukemia in 2010.  In her words she got what she called the “Triple C Club Membership”.  Obviously, it’s not a club you want to be in, but I love that she can put a humorous spin on it.  All in all, she’s had 8 surgeries, over 90 chemo treatments and 46 radiation treatments….at last count.  That number has and is constantly increasing.

In a recent blog post that she wrote for one of the local cancer magazines, she said:

I am often asked how I’ve been able to cope on this journey. I believe that my faith has been the largest factor in 382063_10151319378367891_35797151_ncoping. And of course, my family, friends, and church have been a strong foundation of support. I couldn’t have made it this far without all of the knowledgeable doctors, nurses, and staff at both the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte and our gem of a cancer center here in Washington. The support programs here are amazing. I’ve taken advantage of the yoga classes, the soothing massages, the Look Good Feel Better program, the Healthy Living with Cancer seminars, the Lunch and Learn series, and most of all, the Healing Words journaling seminar.

Talking and writing about my cancer and just about life in general helps me survive. My husband, Ray, teases me that even the grocery store clerk knows I’m a cancer survivor! The best way for me to tell you what the Healing Words seminar has meant to me is to share something that I’ve written about the program. I hope that you’ll consider journaling as a means of coping with cancer. It has certainly helped me to understand the turning points of my journey.

You know divorce is a large part of a lot of peoples’ lives.  Alisha and I both have experienced divorce and Carly now has 4 sets of grandparents because of it.  I wish I could tell you that my relationship with my step mom has always been good, but truth is, it wasn’t.  We had some rough times when she and my dad first got married.  I wasn’t the man I am today, I did not have the life experience or maturity to see the situation for what it was or understand it.  What I can tell you is I will never forget the day she was diagnosed and being at her bedside in tears.  And that day was the beginning of a relationship that I wish I had been open to earlier.  I remember that moment, knowing that all the petty stuff didn’t matter and that this woman was an amazing woman and that I truly did love her.  I realized that I loved her because she made my Dad happy, because she treated my daughter like her own.  The memories and stories that I could tell you of the things they’ve done with Carly would rival the love and affection of any grandparent, I promise you that.

1011069_612784435406709_1269301063_nI see her as a woman who lives each day to the fullest and takes nothing for granted.  She constantly teaches me, just by the way she lives and fights, that life’s daily journey is a valued one and we should not take anything for granted.  I think most would agree that’s a lesson we often need to be reminded of, but not for a cancer patient.  They have no choice but to be reminded everyday.  Most importantly, I love her very much for what she’s done for me in my life.  Our relationship has made me a better man and taught me some life lessons that I don’t know I would have otherwise learned.

When it comes to research for Ovarian Cancer, it doesn’t get the publicity that Breast Cancer gets, it’s not adopted by the NFL and almost every city in America with a ton of 5K’s etc, as a matter of fact, until I became familiar with it, I didn’t even know the teal (guess that’s what you’d call the color) or blue-greenish ribbon was it’s symbol.  By no means am I knocking breast cancer at all, she’s a survivor of that as well, but ovarian cancer is mostly funded by families of people who are touched by it.  I take that responsibility very seriously, which is why we’re teaming up with the Carolinas HealthCare Foundation’s, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, which her doctor is directly involved with.  We’ve donated money quietly to it repeatedly over the last year or more, as our business grew….but recently her cancer has come back, and honestly, with vengeance.



What We’re Doing to Raise Money

ovarian-cancer-ribbon-magnetWith her battle getting increasingly more challenging, I knew we needed to step up our efforts.  I know there’s a lot of hype and anticipation around P90X3, and I also anticipate that we will sell quite a few copies due to the relationships we’ve been fortunate enough to build with people via You Tube, local Fit Clubs, social media etc..  In doing so, we’re going to donate 20% of all proceeds from the P90x 3 Challenge Packs and 10% of all proceeds of just the P90X 3 dvd purchases to the research fund.  In addition, we’re holding a fundraiser at our local free fit club workout on November 25th for anyone in the Charlotte area who wants to come and workout for a good cause.  If you would like more information or directions, just contact us and we’ll get you all the info.

The fundraising will not be solely based on P90X 3 sales, we’re going take the same percentages from every sell we make over the next 2 months and donate, but again, we’re using P90X 3 to get the word out.  Our goal is to raise at least $2000 between now and December 31.  I hope we go way past that mark.  I’ll update this blog weekly starting on November 25th with the numbers so far, so check back often and I’ll post it here.  Make sure you click the P90X 3 ads on this page, so you can get on the mailing list with all the information you’ll need and help us with this effort when it launches on December 10.

LCI logoI personally will be donating more money to the fund for my own reasons, my point in writing this was not to try and get you to buy P90X 3 from us, although I want you to obviously, but to really communicate with the people who are already working with us and are already committed to doing the program with us in December and January….that you are going to help us make a difference…and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without you and the relationships that we’ve built, what we’ve done and what we’re going to do wouldn’t be possible.  We’ve given back to a lot of charities, and don’t normally make a big deal about it, but this one is personal and I thank God everyday for you and the people we’ve yet to meet who inspire us with your transformations and who have become our friends and made us better.

So thank you and God Bless.

November 10, 2013

P90X Vs. P90X3. What’s the Difference?

How Does P90X 3 Differ from P90X and P90X 2?


That’s the million dollar question we’re getting right now.  Several differences in X3 and P90X and P90X 2.

    1. Workouts are 30 minutes long, that’s it!  Half the time of the hour long P90X Workouts, but you can do tony and todddoubles, more on that later.  There’s also a cold start option where you can start right out and go or use the warm up disc that will help you warm up for several minutes and then jump in.
    2. P90X 3 has incorporated Pilates into it, brand new for the X brand.
    3. New MMX moves, so basically the Kenpo workout from P90X has evolved and man has it!  Check out our video of the Warrior workout HERE to see some of it.
    4. Basic Package has 16 Workouts, Deluxe Package will have 20 workouts!
    5. Old schedule meets new schedule.  Like the original P90X that had the Classic, Lean and Doubles Schedules, P90X 3 has an added Mass Schedule for more muscle building.  For those of you who still want the hour long workouts, the Doubles Schedule is the way to go!  That’s probably what we’ll be doing.
    6. Nutrition has gone back to basics.  Tony has taken the nutrition back to his original simplistic idea from his first program Power 90 and combined it with the knowledge from P90X and came up with a very simple easy to follow nutrition plan where you just focus on what you eat, not so much how much you eat and calorie counting.  Easy!s

To see all the details on pricing and package options, click HERE.


Who is P90X 3 For?

Simple answer: Everyone.  I know that seems like a homer answer, but it’s true.  It’s for the people who’ve completed P90X and P90X 2 and it’s also for the people who were scared to death of P90X OR didn’t have TIME for P90X….now you have an option.  There is a modifier for every move, so you’re never going to be left out or in a position where you can’t do a move.  If there’s not a modification, then we will help you find one….I promise you can succeed at this.  To get all the info on our Challenge Group click HERE.

 Test Group Results

39/40 people who were in the test group lost 10% body fat in 90 days at 30 minutes a day!!!  For example, one guy in the group went from 22% body fat to 12% in 90 days.  Amazing results.  Subscribe to the P90X Banner HERE to get on our mailing list and to get it from us and get the FREE Swag along with all the pricing information as soon as it’s released!

Free SWAG!!!!


Free SWAG for anyone who joins our Challenge Group with a P90X 3 Challenge Pack!!!!

By joining the Challenge Group you will also be benefiting our fundraising efforts with Levine Cancer Research for Ovarian Cancer.

November 6, 2013

P90X3 is COMING!


P90X 3 Is Coming!!!

Yes, as I’m sure you’ve heard….P90X 3 is coming and coming soon!!!  Here’s the low down on what to expect and what’s different from X3 and it’s predecessors.



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What is P90X 3?

Sneek Peak of P90X 3 Workout

NC Fit Club