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May 24, 2013

High Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT Workouts

An Intro to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts.

Max Interval Training vs. Traditional Workouts

When it comes to reaching your body’s full potential and burning fat fast, using high intensity interval training with programs like Insanity — a 60-day home workout program — is by far the best way to do it!

The Insanity program is designed for those people who want truly amazing results. It leverages all the advantages of interval training at a highly intense level so you don’t have to go to a gym or hire a personal trainer.  Your insanity trainer — Shaun T — is right there with you everyday in your house or on your computer.

So What the Heck Is High Intensity Interval Training?

High intensity interval training workout routines — a.k.a “HIIT” or “Max Interval Training” — like Insanity, are the ultimate fitness challenge for your body. It combines high intensity bursts of cardio moves followed by very short breaks. This gives your body just enough time to partially recover, only to hammer it again.

So “how do you actually do interval training?” you ask. Let me illustrate with an example.

If you were doing an interval training routine where you were using sprinting as your HIIT exercise and walking as your low intensity exercise, your interval training session might look like this:

Sprint for 20 seconds > Walk for 20 seconds > Sprint for 20 seconds > Walk for 20 seconds > Repeat for a duration.

Basically you want to pick an exercise for your high intensity duration and then aim to do as many reps as you can within your intense time frame.

The whole process forces your body to really push itself above and beyond, in order to get amazing results. Insanity will definitely motivate you to see where you are, and push to improve each week.

It really amazes me the stories we hear from people who show vast improvements in just the 2nd or 3rd time doing one of the Insanity workouts, like “Cardio Power and Resistance”.  Nothing will motivate you more than seeing your speed and reps go up from last week or better yet, just 3 days ago!

That is what interval training does.


Getting HIIT in a Program Like Insanity

With the interval training that Insanity brings you, you will target the trouble area most people fight, your waistline!The dreaded belly is what we find that most that people want help with. Quickly melting off stomach fat and love handles is one of the beauties of Insanity.Shaun does such an amazing job on forcing you to focus on your core that the next day you will feel it in your abs (trust me on this).  Not to mention, the intensity of the interval training will help burn off some of the goo and fat faster…so that all the hard work you’re putting into it, you’ll actually be able to see!Your cardio stamina will improve.  We see this all the time with runners.  I can not tell you how many runners we’ve had, who did the Insanity Challenge with us, and they come back and are blown away at how their times have improved.I remember the first time I started running with a trainer friend of mine, who was an avid runner, she was really shocked at my pace and ability to keep up with her on the track that we ran on. Now she could still beat me on distance, but for it to have been my first time, I hung with her. Let me put it this way, she was so impressed at what Insanity and the interval training had done for me, she started coming to our local Fit Club workouts where we did Insanity with a group of people each week, and was surprised how much it helped her.

If you’re a tri-athlete, swimmer, biker, etc., you will also find that your speed and time will be dramatically improved when using Insanity either as a cross-training program or a full 60 day round.


This Training Will Get You the Afterburn

One of the things I love about Insanity and interval training is the afterburn This is the crazy calorie burn you have AFTER the workout is complete.

I often wear a heart rate monitor during my workouts which measure the calorie burn based off your heart rate during the workout.  What most people don’t realize, is that after the workout — even later that night when sleeping — your body will burn more calories doing an interval based program like Insanity than it will doing a steadily paced cardio workout. I usually keep my heart rate monitor on for about an hour after the workout to see what kind of calorie burn I get.

Just because your workout is done, that means the effects on your body stops right? NO WAY.

For the next several hours, your body will be working it’s butt off (or your belly fat) just trying to rebuild, restore and recover from what the interval training workout you just put it through.


Get a Better Resting Heart Rate

End game for you, and for total health, is a decrease in your resting heart rate. If your workouts are effective, your resting heart rate will slowly decrease, or at least remain about the same. The Insanity 60-day program will do that for you lower your resting heart rate. The lower your resting heart rate, the more physically fit you are.

The fewer times your heart beats per minute, the less wear and tear there is on the organ.  So if it can pump more blood with each beat, it’ll reduce the number of beats per minute, allowing it to do more and work less.

Much like what we all want to do in our real jobs… Or day to day life.  Why work harder than you have to?  Why make your heart?

Great for People on the Go

One of the things I love best about Insanity, is it travels well.  Nothing is worse than finally getting into your routine of interval training and then have to leave for a trip and get off schedule.  That’s normally the first thing that will trip someone up and cause them to quit.

The beauty of Insanity is that you can just take it with you anywhere.  In this day and age, we have so many people who tell us how busy they are, they’re on the road with work, don’t have a chance to get to the gym, etc., BOOM! Problem solved.

The Insanity Workout Program requires no equipment.  It’s easy to just throw in your suitcase, on your computer, whatever, and just go.  You can do Insanity in your hotel room, in the hotel workout room, heck even outside!

I can’t tell you the number of times that we’ve been out of town and didn’t have access to a gym or workout room, where we just popped in an Insanity dvd and bam! Workout done.

This is also a benefit for people who don’t have any dumbbells in the house or workout equipment, but want to get an amazing workout at home without spending a fortune on added stuff like weights and equipment.

Is This Type of Training and Program for You?

Whether you’re a newbie to exercise, or a fitness junkie, the Insanity Program is the answer for just about any need you may have.  It introduces you to the world of interval training workouts and allows you to really see what your potential is.

If you’re wanting to lose weight, trim up or lean out — interval training workouts like Insanity is for you.  If you’re an athlete who wants to improve your cardio stamina, your time and your ability to go harder — Insanity is for you.

You won’t see this one coming, but if you’re 100lbs overweight or approaching old age (whatever that is to you), Insanity can be for you to.  Yes, I said it, I would not have said in 100years, that is prior to getting certified to teach Insanity. But now that I am, I realize there is a world of modifications that will allow anyone to do a program like Insanity.

I’ve put a link to the Insanity and interval training modifications can be found HERE.

The beauty of it all is that you have 60 days to take it for a spin.  Money back guarantee.  What do you have to lose, other than some of you? 😀

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