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March 13, 2013

Quick Sweet Tooth Fix: Paleo Trail Mix

So I was craving sweets, as my sweet tooth tends to do, so I threw together a quick Paleo Trail Mix.  A cup of this and a cup of that.

No rocket science here: almonds, dried apples, dried grapes, dried, cherries, and walnuts.  I usually have a better variety, but it’s time for grocery run, so you work with what you have.

Bottom line, I was craving chocolate, I almost gave in and did one of the P90X Chocolate / Peanut Butter Bars (which are awesome) but not very paleo.  They’re not bad for you, but it is a form of processed food.  I will and do eat them on occasion in a pinch, but they’re more of a reward than a snack.

After a couple of hand fulls of this lifesaver, I was all good!  The cherries, grapes and apples took the craving away and it was whole foods.  Now we’re back in business….back to work.

March 11, 2013

Insanity Workout Success Story: Gary Donovan

How Insanity Changed Gary Donovan as a Dad and a Husband!

I’ve known Gary for years, and I’ve seen him attempt Insanity in the past, but I saw him in December and I could tell he wasn’t where he wanted to be.  He committed to doing 60 days of Insanity with a group of guys in his neighborhood, and the results….speak for themselves.  I’ll let Gary tell you.

Gary’s Story:

My name is Gary. I’m 37 years old. I have a beautiful wife and 4 wonderful children. I am a restaurant manager so that means crazy hours and lots of snacking. I have worked in restaurants since I was 16 years old and enjoy it a lot.  I have been a little heavy most of my adulthood until about six years ago. My wife and I were going to take a trip to Hawaii. I had to lose weight fast so I did the South Beach diet and gained the weight back as soon as I stopped the diet.

Success and Struggles

I then crossed paths with Todd Midgett who turned me onto P90X. WOW!! I was in the best shape of my life. Things were great being in shape weighing 168 pounds. But then I slowly stopped working out and became lazy. I even purchased Insanity and gave up 2 weeks in.  Over time I had managed to reach 220 pounds. I have never been so over weight.

My life was good but there was something missing. I was too embarrassed to go to the pool. I was even hesitant to go to the beach.  “How did this happen and why don’t I get off my butt and do something about this!” ran through my head every day.

Insanity Challenge











                  Day 1                                            Day 60                

I finally made the decision this January to give Insanity another go. Thank God I did!  A group of friends said they wanted to start an Insanity Challenge group, so we did. What better time than now, so I committed to them and myself with the support of my loving wife, to go to my buddies house every night, where 7 of us held each other accountable.

Below is the results of Gary’s Fit Tests every 15 days, his numbers blew my mind!

What’s Your Life Like Now?

It’s been great doing the workouts. Throughout the pain and agony I found a way to “dig deeper”.  I now have so much energy. We have all come a long way. I am proud to say that I have lost 25 pounds so far. I will be starting Asylum with Todd and the guys in a week and I can’t wait.

So Why Not You?

If Gary’s story tells you anything, it’s that it’s normal to have success (be it P90X, Insanity or whatever) and then fall off the wagon.  It also shows you the power of accountability you can get when you do it with a group of other people.  We have people from all over the country working together with Insanity and the Asylum, you don’t have to be in the same town to do it.

Sometimes I wish I could flip a switch inside of people and allow them to see themselves as we see them.  Amanda, one of the women in our Insanity group now, has lost 11.5 inches in 30 days and down one bra size.  She posted this in our Facebook group the other day:

“So I just have to say Insanity and this group has given me so much more confidence in myself after my divorce. I just hit me last night all of a sudden while I was out. I let myself get arm twisted into speed dating. Ugh. I was so surprised by how relaxed I was and I had a great time, no worries, no self conscious thinking. And when all was done and some people stuck around I had 3 guys all trying to talk to me at the same time. 3 of 13 isn’t bad, especially when some of the girls were 25. And I already have some match notifications today too. I will do my Cardio Core and Balance again today and tomorrow is my rest day 🙂 Thanks ya’ll for supporting me!!”

Here’s the cold hard facts, it’s easy to lose the weight, it’s much harder to re-program your metabolism and keep the weight off.  You have to be willing to work!  That’s exactly what Gary found out.  You have to be willing to work, it’s not easy, but the reward and the confidence you gain by finding the person within, is what opens your eyes to the world you always wanted to live in.  A world where you can go the pool and the beach and feel “ok” with how you look.

Summer Is Coming!

If you want to take the leap of faith that Gary did and join one of our Challenge Groups, be it Insanity or whatever program you’re interested in, then contact us today!  Or if you are ready to COMMIT, then click here and let’s get started.

It’s time for you to take your life back.  The decision is up to you, only you can change, we will support you and get you to the finish line.  Just meet us halfway.

March 4, 2013

Our Paleo Challenge, 3 Weeks In: The Results Are Amazing

35 People Signed Up 3 Weeks Ago, All Have Stuck With It!

3 Weeks Ago, the Challenge Began

We started a Paleo Challenge 3 weeks ago, we’re just now over the halfway point and I wanted to share what we have seen happen so far!

Success Stories

The following are Success Stories from the group in just 3 weeks!

Jason S., Charlotte NC  Down 10 lbs!

Best testimonial I can give is that the group keeps me holding myself accountable. I feel like we are all in this together and I don’t want to let my team down. I don’t feel like I am in it alone and that goes a long way.
Also, nice to have folks in the same situation as I am. Really helps to be able to say no thanks to that basket of dinner rolls when I know that other people are also saying no thanks, even if their dinner table is 1000 miles away from mine.
Bottom line, without the group I don’t think I would have made it this far and that anybody who is serious about losing weight and/or living a more healthy lifestyle would benefit from a support system like this one.

Amanda B. from Charlotte NC

In 30 days, she’s lost 11.5 inches and down one bra size!!!  Her EX-boyfriend, notice I said EX, laughed at the idea of her not only doing our Paleo Challenge but that she was combining the Insanity program with it, well who’s laughing now?  She sent me a text and said she really appreciated Alisha and I’s belief in her.  I told her that I was glad she finally saw in herself what we saw from Day 1.  She now has 3 different guys who’ve asked her out!

Brody C. from Canada:

Ever since I started the scale hadn’t moved much because of some muscle building going on, sculpting up some. My workouts seem more smoother, I seem to have more sustainable energy to push through. Less bloating because of getting rid of the grains and dairy. Overall I feel really good all the time, and its a fun lifestyle to live! Lots of experimentation with different foods and knowing your fueling your body with stuff it really wants!

Alyssia M. from Wisconsin:

At first I lost a couple pounds or so during the first week. Dropped to 153. As I continued to eat right, I tried not to focus too much on the scale. Not only did I notice, but my boyfriend noticed that I’m gaining muscle and looking more buff like, lol. I’ve also noticed that I’m losing more inches, but keeping my muscle mass. Overall I just feel healthier and my body is saying “Thank you!” for feeding it nutritious foods. As for fitness, I gave Insanity a shot this morning by doing Cardio Circuit to switch things up a bit. I’ve noticed a huge difference cardiovascular wise. Almost made it through the warm-up without taking breaks and that’s hard to do. I can honestly say I’m glad I picked up this lifestyle and explored more with different types of foods, getting creative with dishes, etc. Definitely worth the change in the long run.

Dave W. from San Diego CA

For me it has just made things really easy. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Focus on your carb intake. Eat more when you are working out really hard or really long and eat less when you are not. I just think it is the easiest plan to understand and implement. Beyond that it is super effective. Effortless weight maintenance. I lost 2 pounds on a cruise! 2 pounds on a cruise! I simply kept my carb intake really low by avoiding grains and pretty much ate whatever else I wanted. Again…it’s the Easy Button of nutrition.

In the last 3 weeks, we’ve had women who have lost 11 lbs, 8 lbs and more importantly, lost inches!  One lady in our group, said she has had 5 guys ask her out in the past couple of weeks due to her self confidence increasing with her weight loss, that my friends you can’t put a price tag on.

What’s Involved With the Paleo Challenge?

With the Paleo Challenge workouts are OPTIONAL, we give you 2 cheat meals a week on the weekends (Friday and Saturday nights).  We have book that we use (available on Amazon for $9, $4 on Kindle) that helps introduce you to the lifestyle and if ween you off the processed food, if that’s needed.  We show you how it’s an easy lifestyle that you can adopt and stick with.  You will be plugged into a private Facebook group along with other challengers and coaches who will support you 24/7.  You will have my cell phone number as well as Brett (fellow coach running it with me) for complete support when you need it.


We will also put you on an amazing product called Shakeology, you are only required to use it for the duration of the challenge (5 weeks) and it’s up to you if you decide to continue after that.  Most people stay on it after they realize the health benefits and how they feel while on it, and as you can tell, the stories speak for themselves.  It increases your weight loss success as well as being an all natural health shake that also compliments the Paleo lifestyle.  It will regulate things like blood sugar, cholesterol, cravings and much more.  Most of the challengers picked the chocolate flavor, so there’s your chocolate fix for the day!  Here’s more on Shakeology:

The cost of Shakeology is $119 which is $4 a day.  If you just watched that video, you understand the value it offers, plus it’s cheaper than Starbucks, McDonald’s or even Subway’s $5 foot long.  IF YOU DON’T like it after giving it 2 weeks, send it back and get a full refund, it has a 30 day money back guarantee.  We have 35 people in this group that can attest to it’s benefits, I repeat, 35!  But if after 2 weeks, you don’t like it (and you gave it a fair shot) we’ll still keep you in the challenge and you can send it back!

Additional Support and Free Videos

In addition to the support of the group, you will have access to Brett and I (coaches leading the group) as well as others, you will have our cell numbers and full access to us anytime you need it, as well as the private Facebook group for support.  As you can tell the bond that is formed is priceless.

We will also be sending you FREE workout videos like the one above (requiring no equipment and completely optional) and occasionally some recipe videos that you can use at home to make life easier and maximize your fitness goals.  If you are already doing a program like P90X, Insanity, or Asylum, this will fit in perfectly with your workouts and help you drop the pounds even quicker!

Are You Up for the Challenge?!?

If you’re tired of being stuck in a plateau, if you’re sick of feeling tired and lethargic, if you hate exercise and just want to focus on your nutrition or want to incorporate proper nutrition into your workouts, then this Challenge Group is for you!

All you have to do is CONTACT us today, we are ready to include you and show you what is possible with the right plan and support.

Until next time, peace out!




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