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July 26, 2012

Insanity the Asylum Work Out

There are many different programs and plans that can help you to reach your fitness goals today. One of those programs is Insanity the Asylum workout. This program provides you with an intense sports related work out that is designed specifically to build muscle volume and improve your athletic performance quickly and effectively.

Insanity the Asylum Workout is a program that targets specific muscle groups to build performance and speed and help you perform better on Game Day! If you have ever wanted to train like an athlete or wanted to feel like an athlete, Insanity the Asylum is for you.

Making the decision for a specific program might be something you do because others have tried it with great success. However, when you begin any program you need to understand that you might not have the same level of success that others have had. The outcome is going to be directly affected by many different factors.

Choosing to commit to Insanity The Asylum workout is a 30 day commitment not to be taken lightly, but with our support and coaching, your results will blow your mind.

The Insanity the Asylum work out will maximize your skills with this 30-day program that builds speed, coordination, agility, and power. Shaun T preps you to WIN with sports-specific training inspired by pro athletes. The result? Game day becomes your day to excel.  It comes with everything you need: agility ladder, speed rope, nutrition guide, dvds and best of all…OUR COACHING.  See for yourself what the Insanity the Asylum work out is all about!

July 26, 2012

Body Pump Les Mills

Many people today are searching for different workouts that help them to achieve their fitness goals. The goals that you might have in mind can be different based on a number of things. Determining the best workout for you will depend on how fit you already are as well as other factors that influence the choices.

Body pump workouts with Les Mills will provide you with a number of choices for increasing your muscle volume and mass. When you are looking for the workout of all workouts, consider the body pump workouts with Les Mills this option to fit into your fitness routine. The choice for the body pump workouts with Les Mills’s program will provide you with a number of different results depending on how motivated you are to stay with the program.

Making the choice to work out with body pump les mills program provides you with options that will not be found with other programs. At the same time you need to consider your current level of fitness as well as how much mass you are looking to build. Of course, men have an easier time building mass just due to the structure of their muscles overall.

Having a coach to help you will be very beneficial. You will learn to do the various exercises correctly which means they will be more beneficial to you overall. Additionally when you work with another person you will also be accountable for the things you are supposed to be doing, making it less likely you will skip a workout or indulge in forbidden foods.

Learning how to get that body that you want will require intense discipline as well as motivation to stay with it. You might see results right away and then again you might not. Sticking with a program such as Body Pump with Les Mills is important to being able to reach your goals as fast as possible.

This is Les Mills Pump….

Engineer your perfect body with LES MILLS PUMP. This barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program incinerates calories to help give you the ultimate tight, toned, and lean body you want. The secret is THE REP EFFECT, which requires that you use lighter weights at a higher rate of repetition so you can burn up to 1,000 calories per workout and get leaner faster.

The system includes your very own barbell—the secret weapon designed to speed up your strength training and fat loss. Your kit comes complete with a set of 2 5-lb. and 2 10-lb. weighted plates.

July 4, 2012

Body Beast is HERE!

Body Beast ProgramBody Beast is here!
 At the bottom of the page, you’ll see my daily journey as I go through this amazing program.

So what is Body Beast?  It’s the first of it’s kind heavy weight lifting, muscle building, home based fitness program from Beachbody and trainer Sagi Kalev.  For a while now there’s been a market for this  that Beachbody wasn’t able to tap into.  As much as I love P90X and Insanity, there were people out there (mostly guys) who always laughed and thought P90X wasn’t going to get you big.  And for them they wanted something similar to what you would do in the gym….lift BIG and get BIG!  Well here it is.

These 12 Body Beast workout (and 3 optional workouts) and in-depth nutrition plan that make up Body Beast represent Sagi’s years of research in the field of bodybuilding.  By combining the science of hypertrophy (muscle growth) with years of personal trial and error, Sagi has created a program that will help you get results beyond what you’ve ever imagined possible.  If you’re wanting to get big, you’ve found the program for you.  By taking the best of old-school bodybuilding and merging it with a breakthrough in sports science called Dynamic Set Training, Body Beast will help you get pumped out of your mind and have you begging for mercy.  You’ll use Single Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progressive Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, and more to exhaust every muscle and recruit more muscle fiber, even if you’ve done similar exercises before.  And best of all you can do it all without needing to own an Olympic weight set and without even leaving your living room.  If you follow Body Beast and do what it says and push yourself, your body will have no choice but to get huge!

Body Beast, AVAILABLE NOW! Do It with Me!


Body Beast Nutrition Guide, BreakfastAnother thing I love about Body Beast is the how healthy the nutrition guide is for the program.  It will show you how to eat A LOT of healthy food to get the results you want naturally.  It shows you how to calculate your caloric intake for each of the 3 phases so you know exactly how many proteins, carbs, fats, etc., you need on a daily basis.  In addition to nutrition plan, Beachbody has come up with an amazing new line of supplements to compliment the Body Beast program.  See for yourself.


Body Beast COMING SOON!!!!
For those who look at the Body Beast program and think “Why would you want to get that big?!!!”, let me say this….I don’t and I won’t.  At least I don’t think I will.  For me, ever since I became a fitness fanatic, I’ve wanted to do new things and see what happens to my body when I throw something new into the mix.   After 3 years of P90X, Insanity, Ayslum and P90X 2, I was ready for a change.  I’ve NEVER done anything like this before and for me it’s going to be a fun experiment to see what happens to this 6 foot frame when you throw it into a heavy weight lifting routine.  I have zero experience in this type of exercise and it’s completely different from anything I’ve ever done before.  But I know I’ll learn a lot of new things and that’s what I’m excited about.  So, here’s to the journey!


BODY BEAST! Package Arrived, See What’s In It!

Follow along as we go through the journey our You Tube Channel!


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