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January 5, 2012

P90X 2, Finished Phase 1

So I finished Phase 1 of P90X and I’m glad I did.  I see a lot of people skipping ahead because they either want to be the first to show you “Chest, Back and Balance” or they feel like they already know the stuff in the first phase, so they “cheat” ahead.

It’s tempting to do…trust me.  When you get to week 3, you’re ready for hard hitting pull-ups and push-ups and all that we fell in love with from the original P90X.  But as much as the temptation was there, I completed the 3 weeks of Phase 1.  Some of you may need longer…and that’s OK!  If you haven’t done the P90X One on One’s or aren’t really good at core and balance exercises….you need Phase 1.  What it did for me was to help me improve on what was already there, so that when I got to Phase 2 and into the stuff that was familiar from P90X and the One on One’s….I got better!  My core use and my foundation of balance improved and it also showed me what weaknesses I had and what I needed to improve on.  It was extremely evident which leg was my weak leg.  So it presented me with a challenge to improve on that weakness.

So obviously you can see all the videos from Phase 1 on our YOU TUBE Channel, but I picked out a few of the ones from the last several weeks.  Enjoy and remember to contact us today if you want to join our Challenge Groups or have questions about our Free Coaching.

You will only have success when you truly have a “WHY” for doing it.  Make yourself a priority and do it for you.  We can motivate and support you all day long…but the true motivation has to come from within.


Day 7 Recovery and Mobility

Day 9 Total Body

Day 14 X2 Core

Day 17 Power and Balance

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