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June 29, 2011

Our 30 Day Push!

Group from Summit So we decided to do a 30 day push for fitness.  What is a 30 day push?  It’s where for 30 days we push each other to do what we normally wouldn’t do.  No excuses, no worries….just do your workouts everyday and try to get better.  By plugging in with us at www.getfitwithtodd.com you can get in the group and connect with us on Facebook.  Get to know us, show us your workouts…show up everyday and form the good habits you need to be successful with your fitness habits.

Sound good?  Need help?  Then let’s go!  Doesn’t matter when you get in….start today!

Below are our Day 1 vids…..enjoy.  Can’t wait to hear from you.



June 21, 2011

P90X2….Coming SOON!

_MG_5393 Coming this December! P90X 2!  Pre-registration will go active around September.  If you’re a P90X grad, then get ready and get started on the P90X One on One’s Vol. 3.  Those will give you some of the tools to at least get you ready for what’s going to be a wild ride.  To order the One on One’s Vol. 3 click HERE.

Free fitness coaching HERE.





June 14, 2011

Bod Pod Test Results After 30 Day Hybrid

After the 30 day hybrid of P90X and Insanity the Asylum Hybrid, did the Bod Pod Test again…….


June 14, 2011

P90X / Insanity the Asylum Hybrid: Day 29

 Day 29 of the P90X / INSANITY THE ASYLUM HYBRID: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance along with Alisha’s live Turbo class.

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June 12, 2011

P90X & Asylum Hybrid: Day 28 Gameday & Overtime!

P 90X Day 28: Todd MidgettDay 28 of the P90X / INSANITY THE ASYLUM HYBRID: Gameday and Overtime!!!!






June 12, 2011

NC Fit Club Mailbag: 6/12/11

mailbag This week’s Mailbag Video talking about dairy in your diet, what to do without a pull up bar and sticking with the schedule.






June 12, 2011

Recipe: Shakeology No Bake Cookies

shakeology My wonderful wife, with as easy as it gets recipe for something sweet and healthy for people of all ages…Shakeology No Bake Cookies.






June 9, 2011

P90X / Insanity the Asylum Hybrid: Days 22-26!

 Day 23-26 of the P90X / Insanity the Asylum Hybrid!






Day 22 Strength workout with my wife Alisha!

Day 23 was Asylum and Turbo at Fit Club


Day 24 was Back to Core from the Asylum.  Day 25 was basketball (no video).


Day 26 was Strength from Asylum with my buddy Randy.  His first time doing it!


June 5, 2011

P90X & Insanity the Asylum Hybrid: Day 22 Strength

 Day 20 was Strength and my lovely wife Alisha jumped in with me and she rocked it!

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June 5, 2011

Mail Bag Video 6/5/11

mailbag This week’s mail bag video discusses diet in more detail and shoes.






June 2, 2011

P90X / Insanity Hybrid: Days 16-19

 Days 16 – 19 of the P90X / INSANITY THE ASYLUM HYBRID: So I’m posting several days on one post…enjoy!

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Day 16: We did Plyometric Cardio Circuit at Fit Club!

Day 17 was back to the Asylum for Strength.

Day 18 was Speed and Agility (no video) and today was Day 19 P.A.P. New workout from P90X One on One’s!

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