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July 30, 2010

Dark Chocolate Antioxidant a Tasty Treat for Good Health

Don’t discount your sweet tooth so quick, you might actually be eating a lot of something that is increasing your health. There are medicinal properties in dark chocolate. For many of us Dark Chocolate is simply something we indulge in when we’re sad, happy, or just as a snack. How ever thanks to recent research and dark chocolate antioxidant you can feel a little bit better about that sweet snack.


Where Does This Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Come From?

The main ingredient in dark chocolate is cocoa, the darker the chocolate (Or just dark chocolate) is comprised of more cocoa then milk. So with that you don’t need to consume dark chocolate, you could also consider fresh cocoa powder, which is actually more rich in antioxidants then when It’s in chocolate form, or mixed with milk. If you want to maximize the benefits of dark chocolate antioxidant, seek out just dark chocolate bars, with no milk chocolate added.

So is this Good News?

Any one who is sitting there saying wow now I can eat as much dark chocolate as I want, after all It’s good for me. This is true, but everything in moderation, while dark chocolate antioxidant has positive health benefits, the chocolate also has negative items such as high in fat and calories.

So what’s moderation? To get maximum health benefit from dark chocolate antioxidant all you really need is an ounce a day. You’re body will give your body the required amount, anything more then an ounce while the antioxidants won’t hurt you the added weight might.

What does this Antioxidant do for us?

Dark chocolate antioxidants help clean arterial plaque, reduce/remove blood clots, and increases the flexibility of your arteries. Over all this helps with healthy blood flow, and promotes health heart living. You have a reduced chance of heart disease and other conditions.

Surprising but the antioxidant in dark chocolate has actually helped people who suffered heart problems live reasonably normal lives afterwards. It has excellent stroke prevention characteristics. Because the arteries become more flexible there is reduced chance of clots forming.

Antioxidants can actually help extend you life by up to 15 years, and if chocolate can help that why the heck not. Why not consider combining more then just dark chocolate antioxidants with others to help you stay healthy and combat diseases and illness before they start. Only an ounce a day to help keep the doctor away.


July 27, 2010



P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. You’ll also receive a comprehensive 3-phase nutrition plan, specially designed supplement options, a detailed fitness guide, a calendar to track your progress, online peer support, and much more. Your personal trainer, Tony Horton, will keep you engaged every step of the way, and you won’t believe your results!

Why is P90X so effective?

The secret behind the P90X system is an advanced training technique called Muscle Confusion? which accelerates the results process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus, and you never get bored! Whether you want to get lean, bulk up, or just plain get ripped, there’s an endless variety of ways to mix and match the routines to keep you motivated the full 90 days and beyond!


How does P90X work?

Two words: Muscle Confusion. By providing an extensive variety of different moves that take time to master, P90X is continually challenging the body’s muscles into new growth. The more you confuse the muscle, the harder your body has to work to keep up; the more variety you put into your workout, the better and faster your results will be.

The flaw with many fitness products is that they all lead to a “plateau” where the body becomes accustomed to the routines, resulting in diminished effectiveness. P90X avoids this plateau effect by switching things up to keep the body guessing for the entire 90 days. Which means IT NEVER GETS EASY. By breaking old routines and opening new doors, secondary and tertiary muscles are constantly being activated and developed.


What can you expect?

You can expect to develop skills, coordination, and flexibility you never dreamed possible. You can expect to sharpen your knowledge of smart eating and discover healthy diet choices. And you can expect to sweat. A lot.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the extreme fitness revolution today!

As Team Beachbody Coaches Todd and I distribute all the Beachbody products, including P90X.  Beachbody offers a 30 day no risk money back guaranty.  That same guaranty applies to all products that are purchased from the NCFitClub.  We also assist people through the program via the Beachbody Coaching program.  We hope that you will consider purchasing from the NCFitClub.  If you do, we commit to do everything we can to help you succeed.  It won’t be easy, but we can make it fun.


July 27, 2010



What is in Shakeology anyway?

The ingredients in the Greenberry flavor and the Chocolate flavor are slightly different.  Please click below to view the nutritional information for each.

Greenberry Label

Chocolate Label

Should I continue to take Activit or other multivitamins along with Shakeology?

Because of the way Shakeology is formulated, one shake pretty much covers your body’s normal daily requirement for vitamins and minerals. However, if you’re following a recommended exercise routine, your body is likely using up those nutrients at a faster rate. For example, if you’re doing P90X® or ChaLEAN Extreme®, hard-charging routines that burn more calories along with vitamins and minerals, you may need some additional supplementation-like Activit. Due to the digestive enzymes in Shakeology, taking Activit at the same time you drink Shakeology will help your body to better absorb all the nutrients.

Can I take Shakeology and P90X Peak Health Formula?

If you are using P90X Peak Health Formula, then only 1 serving/scoop of Shakeology is recommended per day. If you are taking any other supplements in addition to Shakeology and P90X Peak Health Formula, then watch your total intake to ensure you do not exceed Tolerable Upper Intake Levels for copper, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level for Copper is 10mg/day, for Magnesium 350 mg/day, for Manganese 11 mg/day, and for Zinc 40mg/day.

I already have some Meal Replacement Shake. Should I throw it out and switch to Shakeology?

You don’t have to throw it out. Meal Replacement Shake is a high-quality protein shake. Shakeology offers a wide array of nutrients on top of protein. Because Meal Replacement Shake has higher sugar content and less fiber, a good time to use it is around the time you are exercising (Results and Recovery is also good for this purpose). Shakeology is a better option for a meal that’s at least 2 hours before a workout or 1 hour afterwards.

Can I take this and the Results and Recovery Formula?

Yes, but not together! Results and Recovery Formula should only be taken during or after exercise when you’ve been exhausting your body’s blood sugar. At any other time, Shakeology would be your preferred option.

Should I still take an omega supplement?

While the flax seed and Chia seeds in Shakeology provide some omega-3 fatty acids, it is still recommended you take the Core Omega-3 supplement to meet your daily requirement.

How about Core Cal/Mag?

The recommended daily allowance of calcium is 1,200 mg for women and 1,500 mg/day for post-menopausal women. Shakeology provides 500 mg of calcium, so it is recommended to supplement with Core Cal-Magto meet the daily recommended allowance. Due to the digestive enzymes in Shakeology, taking Core Cal-Mag at the same time you drink Shakeology will help your body to better absorb the nutrients.

Does this mean I won’t have to eat veggies anymore?

Unfortunately, no. Fresh fruits and vegetables will always be important for a healthy, balanced diet. Shakeology can help you fill in the nutritional gaps that occur when you’re too busy to eat the right balance of fruits and veggies. Plus, it’s much easier to tuck Shakeology into a purse or backpack than a head of lettuce!

Is it OK to drink more than one shake per day? Or to replace more than one meal per day?

Yes, but it is not recommended to replace more than 2 meals per day.

There is no food coloring. How is one mix green and the other brown?

The ingredients (herbal powders, grass powders, vegetable powders, Spirulina, Chlorella, plus some of the fruit and berry powders) make the color green. The base of chocolate blend is also green, but the chocolate and cocoa powders turn the color chocolate.

Why does the Chocolate flavor have more protein?

The serving size for Chocolate is 8 grams higher than for Greenberry. The extra ingredients added for the chocolate blend (mostly chocolate powder and cocoa powder) add an additional 2 grams of protein to the serving size.

With what kind of protein is it made?

The primary source of protein is from whey, which comes from milk. Whey is one of the most bioavailable protein sources. Translation: it rapidly gets to work on repairing your muscles, and the amino acids are easily absorbed and used by your body.

Are the milk sources of protein antibiotic-free?

Yes, the whey protein used in Shakeology is free of antibiotics.

Is it a good source of fiber?

At 3 grams per 140 calories, Shakeology is a balanced source of fiber. More importantly, its fiber sources are varied, coming from apple pectin, flax, Chia meal, and Yacon. Yacon also happens to be one of the best prebiotic sources known to man.

Can I drink this right before a workout?

Shakeology would be a better option than a full meal prior to working out. However, if it’s immediately before a workout, you’d be better served by something with more sugar and less fiber for rapid absorption, such as the Results and Recovery Formula or Meal Replacement Shake.

Can I drink this right after a workout?

Again, it’s better than many other options available but less perfect than something designed primarily for this purpose, such as the Results and Recovery Formula.

Does it contain caffeine?

Shakeology contains no caffeine. It does contain green tea extract, but the caffeine has been removed.

Is Shakeology vegetarian?

Yes. In fact, the only non-vegan ingredient is whey protein, which comes from milk.

Are all of the ingredients organic?

With the complexity of sourcing over 70 ingredients from all over the world, it was not possible to certify all the ingredients as organic. However, they have been carefully selected and processed under strict controls to retain the highest density of nutrients possible.

Shakeology mentions whole-food ingredients-what does this mean? How can it be possible when it’s ground to a powder?

Shakeology uses several whole-food sources of nutrients rather than using only synthetic extracts or isolates (like some multivitamin pills). The benefit of whole-food-derived ingredients is that the nutrients are preserved as close to their natural state as possible and are therefore delivered to your body in the most holistic way possible. Your body will better absorb and more efficiently use the nutrients from whole-food sources. The process of converting a food from its natural state to a powder, if done incorrectly, can destroy the nutrients in that food. With Shakeology, we ensure the highest levels of nutrients are preserved through strict temperature-controlled drying and pr

Can I mix this in with food I’m cooking/baking?

Cooking or heating Shakeology would destroy many of the nutrients in Shakeology and upset the nutrient balance. It’s highly recommended that you drink it at room temperature or cooler.

Is it safe for people with diabetes?

Because needs vary for each person with diabetes, it is recommended you check with your doctor first. However, since Shakeology is a low-caloric meal replacement with a lower glycemic index than most meals, it should be acceptable for most people with diabetes.

Can I give it to my kids? Is it safe for kids?

Because the needs of every child may vary, please check with your pediatrician. However, since Shakeology is a healthy drink with low sugar and a wide variety of nutrients, it is a much healthier option than many other drinks or snacks on the market and should be appropriate for most children over the age of 6. You may want to start out with a smaller serving size until you are sure of the child’s tolerance. It is not recommended to be given as a meal replacement for children younger than six years old without first checking with your pediatrician.

What about pregnant women and nursing mothers?

Shakeology should only be taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers under the direction of their physicians.

Is it safe for people with gluten allergies or celiac disease? It says gluten-free on the package, but the label lists wheatgrass and kamut grass as ingredients.

After extensive testing, Shakeology has been found to be 100 percent gluten-free. As such, Shakeology should be an appropriate snack or meal for people suffering from gluten allergies or celiac disease. However, since individual allergies and conditions vary, it is recommended to test a small dose first before proceeding with a full serving.

Does Shakeology interfere with any medication?

While Shakeology has been tested as safe for most people, you should always consult with your physician if you are on any medication (especially heart medication, since Shakeology contains Vitamin K1) or if you have any other unique health conditions.

July 11, 2010

Coach Todd

Todd-afterI was 33 years old, had high cholesterol, 30-40lbs. overweight and just plain miserable with where I was in my life.  Every so often, I would get on a kick where I would run on the treadmill, lift some weights on my weight bench and tell myself I was going to change my habits.  Well, that always lasted for a week, maybe two and I’d quit.  Mainly because we live in a instant gratification world where if we don’t see a result in the mirror after a couple of days or if we don’t feel better immediately…we think "It’s not working"….so screw it.  And we (I) pick up right where we left off.  One of my biggest problems was I had no idea what I was doing.  You think you know how to lift weights and you do some moves and then you’re sore as hell the next day and can’t move your arms and you wonder why you did it.  Or in my case you also run on the treadmill for several days in a row, but continue to eat like crap and wonder why you’re not losing weight.  So as you can see, I was like most people…miserable and fed up, but too lazy to stick with it and too naive to know I was doing it wrong.  I never went to the doctor b/c I was afraid to.  Why?  Because I knew what he’s say.  "You’re overweight, your cholesterol’s high and you have high blood pressure.".  Guess what, he would’ve been right and I knew it.  To add more insult to injury, I have all of those problems in my family history.  So I knew it was a serious problem and I needed to get it under control.  If for no other reason than my daughter.  How can I as a father, expect my daughter to eat healthy and understand the importance of exercise if her own "daddy" doesn’t do it.

My Transformation:

Todd-Before-AfterSo finally, in January of 07 I was watching tv and saw the infommercial for P90X.  It struck a cord with me b/c the people in the testimonials were different. They weren’t supermodels or gym rats.  They were average people who you could tell were real.  So for the FIRST time ever, I wanted to buy something off of tv.  But I had to do my research first.  All the reviews of P90X that I read said it was the real deal, but it was no joke.  So out of fear of being too out of shape, I decided to buy Power 90 which was Tony’s first workout before P90X.  My wife and I both started and did it everyday for the whole 90 days.  We had a blast, and saw great results in weight loss and over all health. After Power 90 I moved on to P90X and later P90X+, and my wife moved on to Hip Hop Abs and Chalean Extreme.  Now we’re hooked on Insanity, which is named correctly!

We still to this day workout every week to the programs and live the healthy lifestyle that Beach Body has taught us.  It’s amazing how a little dedication can turn bad habits into good ones.  My pictures are proof that anyone can do it and the funny thing is, I’m excited at where I’ve yet to go with this.  Oh yeah, guess what….the doctor who I avoided for so long, was so impressed that he
ordered Power 90 and is a firm believer after seeng my results.  My blood pressure dropped and is now staying normal.  My cholesterol dropped 48 pts and my blood sugar is no longer borderline but normal!  These programs are no joke, but if you go into it with the right mindset and stick to it for 3-4 weeks, you’ll be hooked.  It takes time to get results, so don’t get caught up in the instant gratification that society has us programmed to look for and know that it’s the hard work you put in today that will bring you the results in the future.  By the time you see the results and get the compliments, the hard work was long ago done.  I’m excited for you and I’m here to help in anyway that I can.  Welcome to the best decision you ever made!

NC Fit Club