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    Buying Workout Shoes for P90X & Insanity

    January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013

Buying Workout Shoes for P90X & Insanity

 How the Right Workout Shoes Can Change Your Workout!

workout shoes for p90x and insanityObviously, asking what’s the best workout shoe is a loaded question due to the fact that there’s so many different types of workouts.  Finding the right kind of shoe has become very specialized to the type of workout you’re doing, so each shoe has a niche and a market.

A perfect example of this: we’re about to start running which requires a completely different type of shoe than a workout shoe you would use for Beachbody workouts like P90X, Insanity or others.

Getting Ready to Run!

It was interesting, we went to Run For Your Life here in Charlotte to get fitted for running shoes and I learned a lot.  When it comes to running shoes, they need to be a little bigger than normal to allow for foot swelling.  They also have to feel like they’re virtually not there (and believe me you’ll know when you find the right pair!).

The sales lady was awesome at watching us run, charting our stride, showing us what type of step and landing we had etc.  Conclusion was that Alisha needed a lot of arch support and I didn’t.  Things I would have never known without the professional help of someone who knew what they were doing.

Reebok’s Transition 2.0

Now when it comes to our workouts (P90X, Insanity, Insanity the Asylum and more) we prefer the Reebok Transition
2.o.  We changed from the Reebok Zig shoe that we used to wear for a couple of reasons.  For one, the Zig is heavier than the Transition 2.0 as well as stiffer.  Now I will say that the Zig shoe is the FIRST shoe I’ve ever worn that didn’t require any “breaking in” (more on that in the 10 things).  I found the same to be true about the Transitions as well.  I just like the flexibility of the Transitions over the Zigs as well as the lower profile.
The Transitions held up surprisingly well when we used them for Insanity and Insanity the Asylum, especially with the lateral movements.  That was one concern I had with it being a lighter shoe, but what I found was that the way the bottom is designed it really grips like a champ!  Allowing me to move around the agility ladder and do the all the jumps required in Insanity the Asylum with no issues at all.


Reebok Zigs

The Zigs (which I used for a year on Insanity and Insanity the Asylum) will do just fine as well.
  They can handle the lateral jump just as good as the Transitions.  They’re just heavier.  So it really becomes a preference of what you like and the feel you want.  The good news is they’re both priced about the same.  I’ve found that Finishline stores have the largest selection of Reebok Zigs and Transitions.  I think they may be the same company (not sure, doesn’t matter) but it would explain they’re selection.

 What if you’re not me and hate Reebok?

That’s totally cool!  There’s a lot of Under Armor, Nike etc. fans out there and that’s OK!  Everyone is different.  So if you’re not a Reebok fan, then here’s some things to consider when selecting the shoe for your P90X, Insanity,Asylum or whatever workout routine you do according to Web MD.


10 Things to Know Before Buying Any Workout Shoes… Especially For Insanity or P90X

1. Don’t make shoes multitask. We talked about this earlier

2. Know your foot. This also gets back to what we talked about with running shoes.  Know what kind of support you need, especially if you’re feeling pain.  Sometimes this can be fixed with quality inserts.

3. Measure your foot frequently.  Contrary to myths, your foot does change as we get older.  Go by what fits, not by what you’ve worn in the past.

4. Shop toward the end of the day. Feet swell over the course of the day and your shoes should fit when your foot is at it’s largest.

5. Bring your own socks. Use the socks you’re gonna wear during your workouts or runs so you get a true feel.

6. Don’t believe in breaking in. They should feel comfortable right away.  This goes back to what we found to be true for us with the Reeboks.

7. Use the rule of thumb. You should have at least 3/8-1/2 inch space from the end of the shoe to your big toe.

8. Understand the bells and whistles. Knowing the design of the shoe and how it does what it does is important.  I used to get caught up in the look of mine and when I bought my Brooks running shoes, I had to settle for function and not flair.

9. Don’t over or underpay. Bottom line, don’t get suckered into a celebrity endorsement just so you can spend more money.

10. Know when to replace them.  With crosstrainers, you’ll have to get a feel for it or monitor the wear and performance.  With running shoes, they’ll tell you about how many miles you can put on them total (walking, running, everything).

What now?

Go and get the right kind of workout shoes and start working out!  You got this!

Feel free to reach out to us or leave us a comment below if you have further questions on workout shoes for Insanity and P90X.


  • Amanda

    I noticed that with reebok the transition 2.0 only comes in men’s and kids. They haven’t come out with a women’s yet unless you customize it. Is the reebok realflex fusion comparable or should I just customize the transition 2.0? It’s weird that they have it in men’s and kids but not women’s.

    • Todd Midgett

      They do have women’s, if you go to a local Finish Line, they carry them. I’ve also found them at Shoe Dept and Rack Room Shoes. Finish Line has best selection.

      • Amanda

        I checked with the Finish Line in Florence, SC which is closest to me. The store empoloyee said that they do not carry them but that they can order them. I may have to go somewhere like Charllotte to find them. I’m not sure. Thanks though!!!

  • David Clark

    I’m just about done with the first week of Insanity(this evening marks day 6), and I also work with a Personal Trainer 3 days a week doing weight and TRX training. My knees having started giving me problems, primarily when doing things like lunges and some of the stretching, whereas I have to shift my weight flexing primarily my left knee.

    I was originally using an Under Amour pair of running shoes, which is my normal workout shoe, but recently swithced to my “Clark’s” cross-trainer because of the pain expereinced in my arch. Now, because of the knee pain I’m thinking that I need to get something different. There was one site that recommended Nike Air Max +, but @ $179 I’d like another option.

  • Emily

    A lot of recommendations I’ve read say barefoot or minimalist shoes? I’ve never used these shoes. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Todd Midgett

      I can’t do it barefoot, but I don’t want to say it’s bad or good. If it causes you any pain at all, I’d be careful. I just don’t see how doing plyometric work in no shoes or minimalist shoes would be good for your joints. But that’s just my opinion.

  • assia

    hi! thank you for the review! do you know if there is a difference between transition 2.0 and 3.0?
    can we find these 2.0 for women? (i’m affraid to buy the wrong shoes… plus I am french, can you help me?)

    thank you!

  • Alyce

    I have a high arch and just ordered T25, and until that comes in I have been doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I have been experiencing very bad foot pain to the point where I can not continue. They shoes that I have right now are Reebox Smooth Flex Cushrun. they look bulky but are very light. I can walk my dog in them all day if I wanted and not hurt one bit. The min high intensity cardio happens the pain becomes insane. I can do some exercises barefoot on my mat but not on my wood floor. I am so frustrated because this is putting a halt to my weightloss goals and journey.

    • Todd Midgett

      I would definitely see a podiatrist about that, not sure if it could be fixed with something as simple as an insert. But the doctor would know for sure.

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