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    Customer Spotlight: Robert Fochler

November 6, 2015

Robert Fochler

Robert found us AFTER being on his fitness journey for a while, so as much as I’d like to say that we helped him get to where he is now, I can’t.  Where he’s going from here, most definitely plan on having a hand in that.  So why feature him as a customer spotlight?  Well for starters he asked us to become his coach so he could take the next step and secondly because his story and determination is AMAZING!  From his mouth to this screen:


Man, it’s really a long story. It’s been a vicious cycle for me my whole life. I’ve battled social phobia and anxiety my whole life and I still do, it cripples me and then being so overweight on top of it really made it hard. Just saying yes to you about featuring me on the newsletter made me cringe and want to run away lol. But my real weight loss journey started in 2009 with the original power 90.. I went from 324 to 257 then started p90x got to 235 and quit. Gained it all back plus some got up to almost 360 starting and stopping many programs along the way losing some and putting it back on plus a little extra but earlier this year I said to myself enough is enough! I gotta do this once and for all or else I’ll never have a real life because my weight has held me back so much. So I started doing the new p90. Went from over 300 down to about 280 then started x3 which I’m on now and went from 276-280 to where I am currently 240. I’ve had a good transformation now, but the best is definitely yet to come. I plan to get shredded and not look back and finally live life for how it’s meant to be lived.

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