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    Customer Spotlight: Poe Alaulua

January 10, 2016

Poe Alaulua

We couldn’t have said it any better. In Poe’s words:

Well, today marks the day I finish my first round of Insanity: Asylum vol. 1, and it is also the 2-year anniversary of the day I began my fitness journey. 103 lbs down thanks to Beachbody and definitely to my amazing coaches, Todd Alisha.


I thank God I stumbled upon the NC Fit Club YouTube page because if not I probably would have never met my soul workout, INSANITY MAX:30. There’s still work to be to be done to get to where I want to be but I’m definitely satisfied with how far I’ve come. 


To my Coaches, I truly want to thank you for all the advice, tips, all the videos with Shaun T, Billy, Amanda, LA, everybody you have in your videos. You really don’t understand how much your videos helped me throughout this journey, especially your story Coach Todd, so THANK YOU GUYS!!

NC Fit Club