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    Customer Spotlight: Jackie Friedland

April 9, 2016

Jackie Friedland

I like to say that my fitness journey went from WiiFit to CrossFit because it really did!

Working out used to consist of running around in circles in my living room, punching imaginary adversaries and sitting very zen like. Then I walked into a Gymnastics studio for my daughter that also had CrossFit and I got talked into a trial lesson. The rest is history. I’ve learned more in the last 5 years about fitness and nutrition then I probably need to know.


I started Beachbody when my sister-in-love (Lisa) introduced me to Todd and Alisha and convinced me to try out 21 Day Fix with her. I was struggling with going to the gym because of kids at home and an always traveling husband, I have not turned back! I love the freedom of working out at home and absolutely love the accountability and friends I have made in our Facebook groups. I hope to continue being the best me I can be every day and to maybe someday help others in their fitness journey!

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