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    The Art of Self Control

    November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

The Art of Self Control

This is a great article from a lady named Ashley Wisniewski, especially coming off of Halloween.  If you have kids like I do, then you know the challenge of having candy in the house…and tons of it!   These techniques and philosophies tie in perfectly with any Beachbody program you may be doing or may want to start doing.  There’s programs that can fit in to any time schedule.  The only thing stopping you….is you.  Enjoy the read.

I started Halloween weekend with the best of intentions — I even bought snacks instead of candy to hand out to any potential trick-or-treaters. For some reason, I thought it might be a good idea to have candy as well, just in case we had too many children come knock on our door.

Well, with two bags of candy and no costumed-children, I had a problem. The odd thing is, I’m not even a huge candy or chocolate eater but I over-indulged in a few too many mini chocolate bars anyway.

Also, I attended a friend’s Halloween party. I foolishly treated myself to many delicious, high-calorie hor d’ouvres: a little seven-layer graveyard themed dip, witches hats made out of crescent rolls and coffin-shaped brownies. Through my mishaps at the party, I learned a very valuable lesson as we head into holiday-themed parties, which is that I need to stay away from the snack table!

I would have hoped by this point in my journey towards a healthy lifestyle I would have learned the art of self-control. Unfortunately, I still need to work on my ability to say no and resist temptations.

Thankfully, the week started and it is time to shake off Halloween. This week, I am looking forward to putting into practice some of the tips I received from nutritionist Keri Glassman. It is amazing how much perspective you gain from talking to someone who is an expert in food and healthy choices.

Although I have made some changes since my meeting with a dietitian a few weeks ago, after speaking with Keri I realized while I have started to build a good foundation, I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me. One of the most important things I learned from Keri is that I’m not getting enough calories during the day.

While I am making healthier food choices and have and added fruit and vegetables as snacks, I still need to get more fiber and protein into my food choices. When I told Keri that recently I’ve been good all through the day and have started eating a lot in the evenings she said it was because I need more food throughout the day.

After we talked about food, Keri asked me about my exercise routine. Busted. I felt like I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar! When she asked me about my workouts, I was honest with her that I’ve been better but that I am still averaging about two workouts a week. Although it is something that is very obvious and I don’t like to admit it, you can’t avoid the truth when someone else puts it out there for you to digest; Keri pointed out that I’m not getting enough exercise.

While I have been running more and I’ve been walking, I have not been consistently exercising enough and that must change. Keri asked me if I could commit to four times a week, 45 minutes each workout. What was I going to do, tell her no? Absolutely not!

I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time at the gym in the next few weeks because I have a challenge to exceed.
Another challenge coming up is my birthday! Why is my birthday a challenge? I like birthday cake. I like ice cream. And I definitely like all of the free dinner coupons that have been showing up in my email inbox over the past few days.

I am trying to convince myself that just because it’s my birthday week doesn’t mean I can make poor choices. There is a small part of me that is staying strong, while a larger voice is saying that it’s my birthday and I’ll eat if it I want too! Which one do I listen to?

Here is what Keri Glassman had to say about her consultation with Ashley:

One of Ashley’s biggest challenges is similar to Lee. She does a lot of night-eating. But her nighttime eating is more when she gets home from work. She snacks until she has dinner with her husband. To combat this I added into her day time routine a late afternoon snack to keep her metabolism revved and cut her hunger until she eats with her husband. She also needs to be more prepped at home with healthy things to snack on during this waiting period for her husband.

Ashley is also still making some less dense nutrient choices at places she picks up food from. We are working on finding more nutrient-dense options that she doesn’t perceive as "diety." Finally, Ashley has big sweets cravings! And, over indulges big time when she gets sweets in. For this, we are working on her learning to make "conscious indulgences" versus feeling like "I have indulged so I mine as well eat it all and start again" attitude.

For more from Ashley click here.


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