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    Stop The Mindless, Emotional & Habitual Eating Madness!

    January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Stop The Mindless, Emotional & Habitual Eating Madness!

My path to self discovery and how I stopped my habitual eating.

As my wife Alisha and I go through the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, I’ve learned A LOT about myself!

One thing I learned is that I have some habitual eating habits.  Meaning that I eat out of habit and because I think I need it or want it.  The Reset has forced me to really examine that and understand what’s done to my body and why it played a large part in my plateau.

I looked back at our YouTube videos and could see how much leaner I was when we did Insanity the Asylum the first time around.  When I’d talk to my fellow Asylum guys and gals, a couple of them would ask me “what did you do different or how did you eat then?”.  The problem is, I couldn’t come up with an answer!  In my mind I was eating the same as I was back then. But I wasn’t.

The Reset has put a very large spotlight on what I now realize is habitual eating.  For some of you out there, you eat out of habit to fill a void or to cover emotions that you need to deal with.  I’m not sure if emotions had anything to do with it for me or at least I didn’t think so, when in reality I think there was something to it.  It wasn’t like any great trauma or terrible thing that was bothering me.  I realized that I had just lost focus and became complacent in my lifestyle, which is the same trap a lot of you (and me) fall into that made us overweight to begin with.  I had so much success with Asylum the first go around that I was determined to hit 7-8% body fat and it was like a powerful addiction to a goal that alluded me for what seemed like forever.  I then began to struggle with doubt in myself and wondered what I was doing wrong or think that it couldn’t happen to me… and on and on.

Same kind of crap you may be filling your head with right now thinking you can’t get back into a size 32 waist jeans or a size 4-6 dress.  Well let me tell you, you can!


My First Ah-ha Moment

When I was going to get my daughter off the bus stop and (being on the Reset) I went to the pantry to grap a P90X Protein Bar (not bad for you and very freakin’ good!) and was like “Whoa! What am I doing?”.  It was at that moment that I realized how much of a eating habit I had, why?  Because I grabbed one EVERYDAY on the way to the bus stop!  And at that moment, it hit me like a bat upside the head….I do this a lot!

So I started examining the journey that the Reset is sending me on and starting thinking about all the times I ate out of habit

  • When I was bored
  • On the way to the bus stop
  • When we watch movies, tv, and even going out to run errands (yet another time I’d grab a bar) because God forbid I be out for 2-3 hours and starve!

You and I both know once you leave the house… you’re screwed!  There’s no such thing as food places out in public! Please know I’m being sarcastic… Some of you may miss it.

Oh, and we ate out a lot!

We ate healthy, but ate out a lot, which I’m realizing how much that cost me in the wallet.  Keep in mind we’re healthier than 90% of the people out there, so if what little we do can have this kind of effect on me….imagine what it’s doing to you if you’re a burger and fries, all brown and yellow food, no fruits and veggies, binge eating while watching Idol, eating before you go to bed, etc. kind of person.


My Advice to You

As I’m doing myself – keep a food journal!  Look at your eating habits.  Think about each time you ate something and ask yourself these questions:

  • Was it because you were genuinely hungry or was it just because?
  • Are there emotions or insecurities in you that force you to fill that void?
  • Do you or have you come to the conclusion that “it is what it is” and you’ll never have a 6 pack or never look the way you want?
  • Are you the person who tells me that you’re just at that age and I have kids and life is too busy?

Here’s my favorite, are you the one who says: “my husband won’t eat healthy, he’s a meat and potato guy and I don’t see him eating healthy with me.”

If that last person was you, let me take you on a quick reality journey.  If you keep living the way you’re living now, the last 5 years will be a good forecast of what the next 5 will look like…EXCEPT….worse.  You’ll get more out of shape, as will he, you’ll have more health problems (both of you), you’ll notice your kids are putting on some extra weight too….hmmm, funny how that happens!  And I saved the best for last….your sex life will suck more than it does RIGHT NOW.  What? How dare you Todd!  Get over yourself and take a genuine look in the mirror because I’m telling you these things BECAUSE IT WAS ME WHO SAID THAT AND LIVED IT!  Just look at the picture to the right!  Except I was the husband and the one who wanted to get healthy….you get it.

Anyway, that was me…the health problems, the crap feeling, the insecurity, the lack of confidence and the crap marriage to a beautiful woman who loved me regardless but who I didn’t feel I….looked good enough for.
Am I saying that we should all be super models to have good marriages?  No, I’m saying you should do it for the reasons that count: be healthier, set a good example for your kids and be there for your grandchildren.  The better marriage and all that other stuff is a bonus that God gives you just for making yourself a priority.  If that sounds weird to you then I can’t help you because we have a very different idea of the world and that’s fine.  I want to see you be the best that you can be.  I want the switch to flip for you that was flipped in me when I realized how AWESOME life can be when you feel good and look good.  I get it, it’s not going to be easy.  That’s why we’re here.  You may hate the idea of Kale and vegetables and fruit and cutting back on the fries, I get that too.  Again, I was you.  But I evolved.  I’m now fighting my own bad habits to get back to what you see right there.  I’m close and I will achieve it again.  Because I’m being honest with myself and willing to change to be the person I want to be.

Take a serious look at your food journal and look at what your doing to yourself.  If you got in check, great!  If you don’t and need help REACH out to us today and we’ll talk and see what we can do to help.

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