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    P90X3 Women Warriors, Approaching HALFWAY!

    January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

P90X3 Women Warriors, Approaching HALFWAY!

These 2 Women Continue to Inspire

We check in with our 2 P90X3 girls as they approach the halfway point, can’t believe how fast this is going!

Michelle H.

Week 5:

1615137_10202960222946004_688897302_nWeek five is kinda a love/hate relationship. I love doing the upper body workouts minus the push-ups, plus the max was awesome! I hate for some reason that I cant explain, the lower body workouts. I’ve hated them since p90x.

While the first phase seemed like a lot more cardio and just coming off Shaun t’s workouts it was exhausting, the second phase seems just the right mix of cardio and weights. I’ve only completed the first week and as far as the legs go I know I can push myself harder, but I don’t want bulky legs. In order to get the most out of the leg work, I’ve got to up the weights a lot since Tony has already determined how many reps we will do. The MMX workout has crazy calorie burn, but it’s also fun. It makes me realize that I should never get into a fight.
Still having fun and everyone keep pushing play!!

Week 6:

Going into week 6, I was disappointed in my week 5 performance and mindset.

It was frustrating doing legwork and balance, two of my problem areas.  Not only that, but I’m still struggling with push-ups, but I shook it off and hit “refresh.” Sadly I still dislike triometrics, but I will push past it and see how this week goes. I know I can go at my own pace, but I would like to keep up with Tony. I strangely like Eccentric Lower, but I need to use heavier weights to maximize the workout. This week I’m going to go with 15’s although 20’s would be better. I also love the Incinerator workout and the burnout is brutal and nauseating, in a good way! Eccentric Upper is going well except the freaking push-ups, I’ll keep pushing though. All in all, X3 is working very well and I feel stronger and the core is taking shape ( yippee)! Now if I can clean up my eating, trying trying trying!!!! Now off to week 7.
Bring it!!!

Jenny A.

I made it through Block 1 of my P90x3 Lean journey! As Block 1 came to an end, I noticed my form improving, especially those involving balance. I credit Yoga for that.

After the first 4 weeks, there is a Transition week or recover week before starting Block 2. I enjoyed the break from the more intense moves, i.e. donkey kicks. Additionally, my muscles needed the breather to focus on stretching. Dynamix became my favorite workout during this time. You do have the option of completing Dynamix on your rest day during each block, but I had chosen not to, so Transition week was my introduction to it. It’s a great recovery and stretch routine that incorporates more dynamic stretches as opposed to the longer holds in Yoga…Love it. Pilates is introduced in Transition week as well. I’m a newbie to Pilates, so I was pretty shaky during the routines. My core was on fire! I’m looking forward to the transformation this workout will have on my mid-section, aka “My Trouble Zone”.

Now I’ve ventured into Block 2; Yay!! So far I enjoy it more than Block 1. The new routines include:

· Triometrix – A great plyometrics workout that includes 3 levels of intensity per move. The levels shown also work as modifications for those at different stages in fitness. You will feel the burn for sure during these 30 minutes. · MMX – This one is martial arts based. It’s a fun one. I can’t help but feel a little badass after doing it!

· Incinerator – An upper body killer! My lower body is much stronger than my upper, so this one is a difficult one for me.

My progress in numbers: I’ve maintained the 2 pounds lost during my first month. However, overall I’ve noticed more leanness and definition to my muscles. Very happy about that!

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