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    P90X3, Perspective from a Beginner and a Veteran X’er

    November 29, 2013

November 29, 2013

P90X3, Perspective from a Beginner and a Veteran X’er

P90X 3 is For All Fitness Levels

As we’ve discussed in the last month or so, P90X 3 is for ALL fitness levels.  You don’t have to have completed P90X or P90X 2 (click to see the difference in X3) in order to take a stab at P90X 3.  All you have to do is have 30 minutes a day and be dedicated to a goal.  P90X 3 is smart because we realized that not everyone has an hour a day to workout.  We also know that there’s a lot of people out there who have P90X as a coaster on their shelf collecting dust….and that’s the most expensive coaster you can have.  So now is the time, there is no excuse for you not to be able to be a fellow “X’er” along with millions of other Americans.  It’s 30 minutes a day!  Aren’t you worth 30 minutes a day? To prove to you that someone with no experience with P90X can do a P90X workout, here’s Chris, a friend of mine who joined me in the sneak peek workout “Warrior” from P90X 3.




Chris on P90X 3

Last week, Coach Todd invited me over to try out the new P90X3 with him. Going in, I thought you had to be in amazing shape to do one of those workouts. This was not the case for P90X3. I did the entire workout, and if I can do it, so can you!

If you are someone who is inexperienced like me, or just doesn’t have a whole hour to give, then this workout is for you! You sweat. You ache. You moan. You fight. It was only 30 minutes long but my heart was pumping the entire time. The best part is, there’s a modification for every move, so when you do get tired there’s an easier way to get through it. With a little plyometrics thrown in, P90X3 is the ultimate 30 minute workout. Try it today! What’s your excuse?

-Chris Peery

Difference Between Chris and Myself

After we shot the video, Chris and I were talking about how I felt exhausted and he didn’t.  Here’s why, when you first start a 1425580_10151944112772891_682799282_nprogram, you’re unfamiliar with moves and spend more time (mentally and physically) trying to figure out what you’re doing rather than working out.  That was at least the 5th or 6th time I’ve done that workout, plus I’ve done every workout Tony’s ever released, so I knew the moves and picked them up quickly.  It’s similar to what we saw with Focus T25, in that you don’t feel like you get as good of a calorie burn in the beginning, but once you know the moves….you find yourself pushing much harder and your calorie burn and results will increase rapidly.  Hence the difference between Chris and myself after the workout.

I’m excited about this workout because it can be used in a lot of different ways.  There will be schedules for whatever fitness goal you have in mind.  More on that here.  I like that it’s added a Bulk phase, which is new from the original P90X.  I’m also excited that it has a Doubles schedule for those of us that want that hour long stress reliever. Truth be known, P90X changed my life, it’s the main reason I’m where I’m at today.  I was a little disappointed in P90X 2, the schedule and workouts seemed tedious.  P90X 3 has Tony going back to his roots which is what made P90X so successful, but with new moves, faster workouts for those that want it, simple nutrition guide and a new variety of schedules that will open it up to a larger market….like you. So if you’ve done the predecessors and are ready to continue, or if you’re one of the few who never took a leap into X-Land or you never finished it….the time is now!  30 minutes a day.  Let’s go!

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  • jake

    Hello, will p90x3 help me increase my pull ups for my military pft? I know tht the first p90x will but I really hate how slow the workouts are in the original. I think that p90x 3 is more like insanity more intense? i am used to insanity so when i started p90x i didn’t like tht it wasn’t as fast paced! thanks for the help please let me know!!

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