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    How Many Calories Does Focus T25 Burn?

    July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

How Many Calories Does Focus T25 Burn?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing T25?

I’m getting asked this and “how much the average calorie burn is supposed to be for the T25 workouts?”, A LOT! In a previous post I wrote all about the Focus T25 workout, so I’ll keep this one short and just stick to calories on this one.

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The Focus T25 Calorie Burn Surprised Me

t25 calorie burn

Focus T25 Calorie Burn

1,279 calories burned… When I looked at my T25 calorie burn, I was shocked…  I’m not sure why it did, after all it is a Shaun T workout, and anything he has his hands on, you know is going to be killer. I guess it is because the workout went by so quickly, a 25 minute workout is not long at all.

I’ve been a fan of Shaun T’s workouts for years, starting with Insanity and then moving into The Asylum workouts, never did care much for Hip Hop Abs (but that’s because I’m rhythmically challenged).

It’s no secret that you can burn anywhere from 600-1,000 calories during an Insanity or Asylum workout.  A lot of it has to do with the Max Interval Training and how that works with your body.  So when you figure up your calorie burn for Focus T25, it is very similar, just in a nice little short 25 minute package.  Your T25 calorie burn will definitely depend on your effort level, that’s no secret.

Your T25 Calorie Burn Will Vary

At the time that I wrote this, we are still in the Alpha Phase of Focus T25, so I’m basing this off what we’ve experienced so far.  When I do the cardio workouts, I hit around 600 calories, not counting the after burn that your body goes through for the next several hours afterwards.  When we do the Ab Intervals workout, the calorie burn is lower, due to the fact that there’s not as much cardio as there is in the “Cardio” workout itself or the Speed 1.0, Total Body Circuit, etc.

On Fridays however….it’s what Shaun T calls Double Day.  It’s optional, but it’s where you do 2 workouts back to back.  If you don’t want to double up, you can do the 2nd one on Saturday, but I’d rather have my weekends off, so we get it out of the way.  And yes you can skip that 2nd workout all together, but at that point in the week, you’re on a mission and don’t want anything to stop you from your success….so you usually willpower through it.

On those double days, it’s nothing for me to hit well over 1,000 calories just during the actual workout, not counting the after burn.  If you factor the after burn into the mix, you’re EASILY going to hit 1,500-2,000 calories as your body tries to rebuild and figure out what in the world just happened.

In Summary, The Calorie Burn Rate for Focus T25 Works

I know it sounds too good to be true, but just experience it and you’ll believe.  We did a workout with several ladies at my wife’s office and they were shocked too. Now keep in mind, a lot of them had to do the modifications that you’ll see Tonya do in the workouts, but they were in a flop sweat!  Several of them said they sweated more and felt like they got a better workout in 25 minutes than they do at their Zumba or gym workouts.

Think there might be something to it?  Maybe 🙂 What’s your calorie burn like?


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  • James Wendte

    What HRM is the one pictured? I like the color combo better than the FT7M. Where is it availbale for purchse?

    • Todd Midgett

      I got it on Amazon.

  • M

    Plz may I know how can I know how many calories i burn in average if i dont have a watch?
    I do the modified due to my knee. But it is difficult and i swaet feel the burn in my muscls, is that what calories burn depened on?
    I just read a lady wrote she did modifed and burned only around 200 c :/: for most of the workouts
    She is fit i beleive only 150’s lb
    I am not

    So plz does burning depend on the person or there is avrg i should beleive i am burning

    Thanks a lot

    • Todd Midgett

      without a hr monitor, I’m not sure if there’s a way to really know how many calories you burn. If your heart rate is up and you’re sore, then you’re burning calories, how many though I don’t know.

  • Deb

    I’m on my second week of Alpha and I’m burning average 350 cal per workout excluding Ab Interval using a HRM. I am not following modified but also not working quite as quick as Shaun T. I’m 43, 5’8″ and 175lbs.

  • ashley

    i just did T25 Alpha cardio. im 5 ft 1 and weigh 130. my question is how can i tell how many calories i burned in 47 mins if i don’t have the hr watch? i know i burned something. though according to you, you burned 600 to 1000 calories. were you drenched in sweat all over? just curious bc i believe if your soaked in sweat your workout was good and burned alot.

  • David Löfqvist

    There’s a mathematiical formula to estimate it. But you need a way to monitor your heartrate. Take a your pulse during some workouts and take an average. I can give you the formula if you are interested

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