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    Focus T25 Get It Done Nutrition Guide: Know How It Works?

    July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

Focus T25 Get It Done Nutrition Guide: Know How It Works?

Everything You Need to Know About T25 Nutrition. Get it Done and See Results!

The beauty of the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide is, it’s SMART!  We’ve seen this with all the Beachbody nutrition guides that come with the programs, they’re geared to make whichever workout it’s paired with work for you.  They are set up so you can’t fail, unless you just don’t try.  So let’s examine what’s makes the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide so easy to follow.

Focus T25 Nutrition Guide Basics

The whole goal of the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide is to “get it done!”  This workout program was designed for those of you who don’t have time.

Time is the one commodity that we cannot afford to waste, but we end up wasting the most of.  So if you’re committed to a smart 25 minute a day workout regimen, what sense would it make to not have a nutrition guide that was just as simple and quick? Exactly. Get it done is just that. It’s simple and it’s easy and fast.

Before you read anymore, right now, I want you to…

Stop Counting Calories!

focus t25 nutrition guideWhile the guide gives you 2 options (we’ll get into that in a minute) of what your daily caloric intake is, you don’t need to be stressed about counting every single little calorie you put in your mouth, unless you’re one of those people who thrive on that and you have a check list for every detail of your life… have at it.  But I know I hate counting calories, so I don’t.  What I do, is make sure that the calories I consume are the right kind of calories.

This guide definitely helps out with that.

What’s in the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide?

The table of contents reads like a 1st grade Dr. Seuss book, it’s very simple:

  • Overview / The 4 Step Calorie Quiz (more below on this)
  • Suggested Calories Per Meal
  • Want More Customization?
  • Nutrition Troubleshooting
  • 25 “Keep It Real” Foods
  • Recipes

That’s it!  The whole thing you can glimpse through in 5 minutes and start to get it.

Now maybe you think that’s too simplistic, but I’ll remind you, if you bought this program… time is an issue.  Are you really going to spend hours researching diet and nutrition tips?  Why would you when you have a team of very smart “nutrition experts” that have done this for a long time and work with everyone from athletes to stay-at-home-moms; and know what they’re presenting to you and how to make it work?

T25 Nutrition Calorie Intake

This is where the T25 Nutrition plan or any plan can screw people up, but have no fear, it’s simple and easy.

On page 6 of the guide, there is a very simple 4 step calorie quiz that you take.  Be prepared, it’ll take some time… about 15 seconds!  Based on your score, either 3 or 4+ you will go with either the 1,200 calorie day plan or the 1,600 calorie day plan.  Also keep in mind that those are negotiable.

We see people get into programs and feel like they have to nail it at exactly 1200 calories.  Again I’ll say, don’t be so hard on yourself to the point of making it too difficult; you won’t stick with it if you do.  What you might find is that during your workouts, you feel really tired or lacking the energy needed to make it through the workout, or you might find yourself really dragging at the end of the day…if that’s the case, you need to play with those numbers a little.  Try adding 100 calories or so a day and see what happens until you find your sweet spot.  Same could apply in the opposite direction, you may find yourself needing to back off 100 calories.  Don’t be too attached to the numbers.  If you’re eating the right kind of foods, your body will tell you when it’s working.

The Calorie plans are broken down into 5 meals/snacks a day, with a caloric value on each one, so you’ll know when and what to eat and how much, depending on whether you’re in the 1,200 or the 1,600 calorie plan.

These are suggestions and guidelines, but you don’t want to starve yourself all day and then eat a 1,200 calorie dinner.  Good luck with that.

The T25 Nutrition Guide Offers Customization

I have to say this was really cool.  Say you have a lot of body fat to lose, then you’ll focus more on the recipes that are marked with a “P”.  Those are the are the meals with a higher protein percentage.  Maybe you’re just trying to shed a few pounds, you’ll focus more on the meals that are marked with a “C”.  These meals have a higher carbohydrate percentage so that you can have more energy during your workouts and less risk of plateauing.


This is where I struggle and I have a feeling you may too:

  • if you struggle with temptations or cravings, answer for that
  • want a boost before your workout, answer for that
  • hungry at bedtime, answer for that
  • starving all the time, answer for that (I kinda gave you that one earlier)

Focus T25 “Keep It Real” Foods

pictures of the focus t25 nutrition guide

I LOVED THIS PART!  Why?  I’m a visual person, not a bookworm.  In addition to the T25 Recipes, this is a list of 25 foods that you can carry around with you on your phone as a picture or a list, that you can always use to fall back on.  It’s your “safety net” so to speak.  When in doubt, grab this list!  Again, keep it simple!

T25 Recipes

I’ll be the first to say, I’m not a cook.  My wife will attest to that.  But with the T25 Recipes, it consist of 25 recipes with 5 ingredients and only 5 minutes to prep…HELLO?!?  Even I can do these.  Finally, I can bring something to the table, literally.

Remember when making the recipes, go organic when possible.  I’ve known Shaun for years and I know how picky he is about this part, so do what you can.

One little tip I got from Shaun, sweet potatoes are your friend, amazing food and great source of carbs.  They are loaded with what your body needs from a nutritional standpoint.  I knew this about Shaun before I saw him on Dr. Oz praising this amazing food.  So if you like them, love them more!  If you want to see more on this, check out our You Tube video where he talks about it.


In Summary

That’s it, simple.  If you decide to do this program, we’ll support you and help you in any way possible.  We have amazing Focus T25 Challenge Groups that are there for accountability via Facebook and YouTube, etc.

How we do this? We have local Fit Clubs here locally in Charlotte and in other cities that we can plug you into for that face to face interaction.  If you would like more information on anything you’ve read or Focus T25 in general, feel free to contact us today.

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