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    Dark Chocolate Antioxidant a Tasty Treat for Good Health

    July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010

Dark Chocolate Antioxidant a Tasty Treat for Good Health

Don’t discount your sweet tooth so quick, you might actually be eating a lot of something that is increasing your health. There are medicinal properties in dark chocolate. For many of us Dark Chocolate is simply something we indulge in when we’re sad, happy, or just as a snack. How ever thanks to recent research and dark chocolate antioxidant you can feel a little bit better about that sweet snack.


Where Does This Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Come From?

The main ingredient in dark chocolate is cocoa, the darker the chocolate (Or just dark chocolate) is comprised of more cocoa then milk. So with that you don’t need to consume dark chocolate, you could also consider fresh cocoa powder, which is actually more rich in antioxidants then when It’s in chocolate form, or mixed with milk. If you want to maximize the benefits of dark chocolate antioxidant, seek out just dark chocolate bars, with no milk chocolate added.

So is this Good News?

Any one who is sitting there saying wow now I can eat as much dark chocolate as I want, after all It’s good for me. This is true, but everything in moderation, while dark chocolate antioxidant has positive health benefits, the chocolate also has negative items such as high in fat and calories.

So what’s moderation? To get maximum health benefit from dark chocolate antioxidant all you really need is an ounce a day. You’re body will give your body the required amount, anything more then an ounce while the antioxidants won’t hurt you the added weight might.

What does this Antioxidant do for us?

Dark chocolate antioxidants help clean arterial plaque, reduce/remove blood clots, and increases the flexibility of your arteries. Over all this helps with healthy blood flow, and promotes health heart living. You have a reduced chance of heart disease and other conditions.

Surprising but the antioxidant in dark chocolate has actually helped people who suffered heart problems live reasonably normal lives afterwards. It has excellent stroke prevention characteristics. Because the arteries become more flexible there is reduced chance of clots forming.

Antioxidants can actually help extend you life by up to 15 years, and if chocolate can help that why the heck not. Why not consider combining more then just dark chocolate antioxidants with others to help you stay healthy and combat diseases and illness before they start. Only an ounce a day to help keep the doctor away.


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